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Dinner in the dark is an adventure for our senses, full of emotions accompanying the recognition of flavours. An unusual approach not only to eating, but above all to experiencing.

Dinners in the dark are extremely popular. No wonder, because such an experience is a real adventure, a mixture of strong emotions, combined with the real pleasure of the food itself. When we switch off one of the senses – in this case sight – the other senses sharpen. In total darkness, we can experience a complexity of flavours that we would not be able to experience in full light.

Dine in the dark – what will surprise us?

Dinner in total darkness is an experience that begins with participants meeting in a softly lit room. You can use this time to get used to the situation and to get a glimpse of your fellow participants, who are about to share a unique culinary adventure with you. You are about to lose sight of them. And although they will be close to you, you will only hear their quiet, muffled voices of delight.

There is curiosity on the part of the guests, but also a certain amount of tension about what is about to happen in the room next door. What awaits you inside remains a mystery. Both the room and the food served are kept secret until the very end. After a while, attendants armed with special thermal-vision goggles will come for you. You will enter the hall holding each other’s shoulders so as not to lose your way. The real adventure is just beginning.

Dinner in the dark – a taste of the first shrimp eaten

Eating food you know well but without your sense of sight changes everything. When an insanely fragrant dish lands on your table, the details of which remain a mystery – you will be accompanied by strong emotions. You will have to imagine the appearance of the dish using your sense of smell, hearing and touch – just like in a child’s game. It is likely that your first impressions will be wrong and you may be convinced to the end that you are eating something completely different.

Because even though you have eaten the dishes served thousands of times before, we guarantee that you have not experienced such a complexity of flavours. In the dark, traditional dishes no longer taste like they do in our memory. And although you have no control over what you will be served, as the menu remains a real mystery until the end, you can choose a version of the menu – meat, fish or vegetarian. That way you will feel safe that they won’t serve you something you don’t like.

The adventure will begin with finding the cutlery, which is not at all easy in the dark, and then – filling glasses with water or wine. You will feel every sound more intensely. Darkness opens up a new dimension of hearing and taste. Sound appealing?

Dinner in the dark – where does it happen?

The idea behind such gatherings is that the venue must be a real mystery to us. That is why the formula of dinners in the dark takes place in various spaces all over Poland. In Pomerania, it used to take place in the ‘El Paso’ restaurant in Gdańsk, and today you can experience this magical event in the ‘Piwnica Rajców’ restaurant.

The Piwnica Rajców located in the heart of Gdańsk in the basement of Artus Court favours the ‘Dane in the dark’ formula due to its history and mysterious character.

Other experiences in the dark – music and alcohol tasting

Dinner is not the only attraction you can experience in the dark. The ‘Dine in the dark’ formula has become the start of an interesting trend in which we quiet some senses in order to sharpen others. We recommend the concerts in the dark that take place at the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Hall.

This is an extraordinary musical project that relies solely on the sense of hearing. A true poetry of sounds, the art of artistic improvisation by ARTur Moon, a talented artist of the young generation.

Occasional dark alcohol tastings – wine, beer and whisky – are also organised in Pomerania. The spirits are served accompanied by matching snacks to bring out the full bouquet of flavours by means of pairing.

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth taking part in a dinner in the dark or any other adventure with a similar formula – we confirm that it’s worth it. It’s a great idea for a romantic dinner for two, but also for a fun evening out with friends.

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