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– Fishing traditions have been present in our family for generations. We know the flavor of a fresh, healthy herring – says Kazimiera Świątek from Fishparty Manufaktura, near the town of Ustka. It is a small family business that provides some of Pomorskie’s finest herrings.

– We are passionate and meticulous when it comes to preparing our products. We use only natural and fresh ingredients. Our variety of dishes are without doubt going to be appreciated by those who have experienced the taste of genuinely fresh and uniquely prepared fish. We do what we do best – says Kazimiera Świątek.

The family catch herring by themselves in the Baltic Sea. They begin in September, just after the spawning season, as fish gain meat and fat. This is when they are most delicious, and also perfect for various preserves. Kazimiera Świątek has been creating the exquisite flavor of her home-made herring for years. Firstly, she tried her products on her family. Friends, enamored by the flavors she created, encouraged her to start her own business. In time, her daughter and daughter-in-law decided that opening a business to share the excellent flavors of homemade food was a good idea.

There are several kinds of herring in the offer.

The first one (Delikates) is so delicate that even children, famous for being reluctant (to put it mildly) when it comes to eating fish, love it. The herring goes with celery, almond flakes, pineapple, and onion that really complements the overall flavor.

The herbal herring is prepared with candied cranberry, marjoram, and garlic. This variety doesn’t have onion in it because – as Kazimiera Świątek puts it – there are people who don’t tolerate this vegetable, and it’s good that they had an alternative.

The hot herring is accompanied by full-flavor pesto with jalapeno pepper.

The deep-red Karmazyn owes its color to tomato sauce prepared personally by Kazimiera Świątek from tomatoes from an ecological farm near Włocławek.

The offer also includes the “pro eco” herring, served only with onion. It goes well with sour cream and boiled or baked potatoes.

The entire production process at Fishparty Manufaktura is supervised by Świątek family. All fish are prepared by seasoned fish experts.

-We’re constantly developing and pushing forward. We wanted to give people new flavors, and create something new – says Kazimiera Świątek.

Products from Fishparty Manufaktura can be purchased on the spot, in Niestkowo, which is located in the picturesque Słupia river valley. You can also find them in local shops and ecological bazaars, such as one in Gdynia Kolibki.

The efforts of Fishparty Manufaktura has been appreciated by experts. For their products, the company received three “Smak Pomorza” (“The Flavor of Pomorskie”) in 2014.

Fishparty Manufaktura Niestkowo 14, Polska https://fishparty.pl/ biuro@fishparty.pl +48 600 456 781

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