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Gelato season has just begun, so we have decided to compile a list of the best, local ice-cream shops in pomorskie. We have chosen both modern and historical gems for this list. Here are the ten best places to have ice-cream.

Dzień Dobry Lody – Wejherowo, Gdynia

Just thinking of these ice cream makes your mouth water. It’s all about flavours, premium ingredients, name of place and the owners’ passion.

– Together with my husband, we fell in love with craft ice-cream during our trip to Italy, where gelato is the most popular. It’s a kind of ice-cream portioned with a trowel-like scoop to cups or wafers. What really struck us was the fact that the craftsman is the most important factor in making craft ice-cream. They decide upon everything: from ingredients, through matching them, to the final effect. We knew from the very beginning that our mission would be to produce the highest quality product – says Monika Niemiecki, owner of Dzień Dobry Lody.

ice-cream in Pomorskie from Dzień dobry lody

Dzień Dobry Lody are made with high-quality, natural ingredients, with respect for local suppliers. You will find both classic flavours, as well as original recipes. Banan with chocolate, strawberry and creamer, orange with ginger, ricotta with pear and cloves, mint with chocolate, or maybe the mystery millionaire’s cheesecake? Everyone will find what they’re looking for. The menu is changed constantly, so each visit brings new experience.

There is good news for residents of Gdynia. Dzień Dobry Lody will open a sister parlour in the heart of the city, at 2 10 Lutego street.

Miś Ice Cream – Gdańsk

Miś offers not only unique flavours, but also a history which up to this day lures people to stand in line for their ice-cream. The advantage of Miś is their super-friendly staff that will make you laugh out loud. Well-behaved children, including grown up ones, will get a crispy cookie bear as a free treat with their ice-cream.

ice-cream in Pomorskie from lody Miś

The history of Miś begins in 1962. It was founded by Stefania and Stanislaw Stolarczyk. Today, the family business is in the capable hands of their granddaughter, Małgorzata, and her husband Tomasz. The ice-cream shop has, of course, undergone a gentle facelift to meet the demands of modern times. The logo has changed, the interior has been refreshed, and new flavours are constantly introduced. As emphasized by the new owners, the more than 50-year-old recipe has remained unchanged. Ice-cream is produced on the spot with traditional methods.

Flavours include both the classics, as well as some with a modern twist. Have you ever tried raspberry with Jägermeister? Sorbets are on top of the chart during hot days. The absolute best-seller, however, is the “English dessert” , served for many years.

After many years of operating under the old address, Sukiennicza street, the ice-cream shop has changed its location. Since 2020, it has moved to 62/68 Podwale Staromiejskie street. Along with more space, everyone’s hoping for more positive change. From now on Cafe Miś serves not only ice-cream, but also delicious, aromatic cafe The staff is also growing. Gosia and Tomek will be joined by Aneta and Wojtek, who will definitely bring new energy to the place.

Fabryka Lodów Naturalnych – Nowy Dwór Gdański

Fabryka Lodów Naturalnych offers delicious, craft ice-cream, for which only natural ingredients are used. Flavours are based on products from the local dairy plant, with fresh fruit, vegetables and various mixes of herbs.

– We produce ice-cream on our own, using natural, carefully selected ingredients. For example, we do not make vanilla ice-cream with vanilin, but with genuine vanilla beans from Madagascar, and chocolate ice-cream are made with best Belgian chocolate. We look for inspiration in everything that we find tasty. Rice pudding with apples and cinnamon, apple pie with crumble … – says Paweł Bodziacki, owner of Fabryka Lodów Naturalnych.

ice-cream in Pomorskie from fabryka lodów naturalnych

Flavours include classics like: creamer, chocolate, or strawberry, as well as more sophisticated ones: vanilla with brown butter, chocolate with dried porcini, gorgonzola with caramelised pear and nuts, or chocolate with bacon. There are also vegan items in the menu, as well as sugar-free, protein ice-cream.

Lody Tradycyjne Roman Rekowski – Kościerzyna

Anyone who has ever been to the market square in Kościerzyna on a hot summer day has certainly wondered about the long line of people waiting  for… Waiting for what? Let us answer. These people have most likely been waiting to get their hands on the delicious ice-cream made by Roman Rekowski.

ice-cream in Pomorskie from lody tradycyjne

The traditional ice-cream has been made here since 1969, using only natural ingredients. Available flavours include both classics, as well as some more fancy ones. How does cereal milk taste like? Delicious! And mango lango? Very refreshing! Strawberry ice-cream tastes like the real deal, and creamer with pitaya and butter-fried crumble will melt many a heart of ice.

Justynka confectionery – Gdynia

Justynka has been established in 1980 and has been operating as a traditional family business until this day. It has grown considerably during the last fourty hears, though. The parlour at 14 Abrahama street in Gdynia, where production and first branded outlet have been located, has transformed into the large and modern cafe/confectionery that it is today. Currently, Justynka comprises 5 different locations in Gdynia, and all the addresses are available here.

Justynka is famous primarily for its delicious pastries, cakes or St. Martin’s croissants. Scooped ice-cream are also high on the list here. They are delicious and natural. The offer also includes vegan and gluten-free ice-cream, both sorbets as well as cream-based. There are 30 flavours in total, so curely everyone will find what they’re looking for.

Lody Tradycyjne “Kwaśniak” – Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, Gdynia

Kwaśniak ice-cream are a piece of good history. This family-owned business has been operating in the Tri-City since 1954. Initially in Gdynia, and today also in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, near the famous Wajdeloty street. Their ice-cream menu is changing every day, this is why you can be certain that apart from traditional flavours, more crazy flavours will be available. Some of the names are so intriguing, that they instantly make you smile. And this is just the beginning!

Have you ever eaten purple sweet potato ice-cream? Or red velvet, caprese, or strawberries and prosecco?  With so many flavours, and new ones appearing all the time, it’s hard to pick the best ones. We definitely recommend gorgonzola with pear and nuts. When it comes to simple and evergreen flavours, coconut and creamer will be excellent choices. You can also try the classic strawberry or one of many sorbets, which will not disappoint you.

Lody Usteckie – Ustka

The roots of this seaside cafe can be traced back four generations. The additional advantage is the location, right next to the beach. You can have your ice-cream on the spot, or… on the sand. With a view of the sea, of course. We don’t need to remind you, which way is better, do we?  Lody Usteckie pays tribute to the craftsnmanship and natural, ecological ingredients.. Sea breeze is free with this one.

Kawiarnia Słoneczna – Hel

Although it looks unassuming from the outside, it hides a magical history within. It is no secret that the place was frequented by two of Poland’s first ladies. Each of them had their favourite spot and favorite flavours. Many famous actors also visited the cafe. The climate of this small cafe is obviously to the liking of those seeking a moment of peace,and some intimacy. The Solar is simple, but you’ll find here everything you need to make you happy. Aromatic coffee, wafers, pastries and cakes, as well as top quality ice-cream. Every thing fresh and home-made.

Ptyś confectionery – Sztutowo

This modest patisserie is an excellent example of craftsmanship classic. And although you won’t find modern, ice-cream combinations – there are only several traditional flavours to choose from – we believe that this is the charm and strength of this place. The history of this place dates back to 1971 and, as the owners emphasize, the flavours have remained the same for years. The ice-cream is produced with natural ingredients. Those who value simplicity and tradition will be satisfied.

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