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Beautiful, healthy smile is a dream come true for many patients. It is this desire that the specialists from the Dentineo Clinic in Gdańsk, help to fulfil. Their motto is: “we treat the patient, not a single tooth”.

The combination of aesthetic dentistry, dental surgery,microscopic root canal treatment, and advanced diagnostics makes the Dentineo Clinic a modern dental facility. High quality medical equipment, broad knowledge, and experienced staff is not all. What this Gdańsk-based clinic finds equally important is the empathic approach to patients, which we also witnessed during our visit. What makes the clinic stand out, what is its offer, and how the clinic coped with safety regulations during the COVID-19 situation?

Passionate dentistry

Dentino Clinic was established 6 years ago. During this time, we have managed to convince a wide range of patients to ourselves and, what is more important, to comfortable treatment. It is our patients who are our pride, but also the main motivation to further develop our knowledge and introduce new technologies. I believe that an individual and empathic approach to the patient as a person and not an “owner of teeth” is what makes us stand out – says in the interview with Zatoka Piękna the founder of the facility, Dr Adam Bielawski, who is also more than aware of the possibilities that new technologies bring.

The presence of new technology in the clinic allows to provide patients with world-class treatment and diagnostics.

Of course, we have the support of the most modern digital technologies, such as intraoral scanners, computer tomography, dental microscopes. I also need to mention computer anaesthesia, which is effective and comfortable for the patients. – says Dr Bielawski.

– The Carestream CT scanner provides not only panoramic images but also three-dimensional images of bones and roots of teeth. Now we can see what was previously invisible. The Primescan intraoral scanner creates digital models of teeth extremely accurately and quickly. It is also super-comfortable for the patient (unpleasant dental impressions are no longer needed). And thanks to computer anaesthesia, patients do not even know at what point the anaesthesia was administered, after a while they simply feel they do not feel it. – explains the owner of Dentineo Clinic.

In the Gdańsk-based clinic, 3D diagnostics is also practiced, in the fields such as implantology. This ensures that the implants are placed in the best possible position. In addition, for the sake of a beautiful smile of the patients, consultations with the use of the Digital Smile Design method are carried out. They allow to illustrate the effect of the treatment even before it begins. This consists in trying out a “tailor-made” smile that suits the patient’s face and individual conditions.

Patient comfort and safety

Comfort, safety, and high quality of treatment at Dentineo Clinic is provided by a team of experienced specialists, including prosthodontists, endodontists and implantologists. Their knowledge is supported by their hygienists and dental assistants, as well as the patient’s health care assistant. All of them, joining forces, provide comprehensive treatment.

– The Dentineo team are empathetic specialists from different fields of dentistry. Personally, I specialise in painless and patient-friendly implant treatment. Dr. Alicja Ramsz and Dr. Jacek Januszewski deal in conservative dentistry and aesthetic dentistry, including incredible smile metamorphosis using porcelain veneers. Dr Anna Osińska and Dr Maja Wiśniewska are unrivalled in endodontic treatment, also known as root canal treatment. In addition, Dr. Wiśniewska fulfils herself in the field of aesthetic medicine and treatments with hyaluronic acid and botox. In all these treatments we are assisted by our professional Dental Assistants: Weronika and Magda. Without them we would not be able to work as efficiently as we do. Klaudia Bartochowska takes care of the patients from their first contact with the clinic until their last visit. She is the Guardian Angel of our patients. After the treatment is completed, she also reminds of subsequent check-up and hygienic visits. Ania Brokos and Ewelina Matysek, our hygienists, are irreplaceable when it comes to laser teeth whitening (it lasts only 20 minutes) and professional hygienisation. You will see that it is a bit like a visit to a “Teeth SPA”. – says Dr. Adam Bielawski.

The Dentineo Clinic in Gdańsk specializes in an extremely comprehensive and individually tailored approach to the problems and needs of patients, which is why numerous medical tourists from Norway or Great Britain decide to get their treatment here.

Visits to the Dentineo Clinic currently take place in accordance with the stricter sanitary and epidemiological rules for dental facilities:

– Patients make appointments by phone or via the Internet.

– Each patient, after entering the waiting room, has their temperature measured and their hands disinfected by the clinic staff.

– Only 1 patient (or a child with 1 carer) can wait in the waiting room of the clinic. There are also patient lounges, in a sunny spot in front of the clinic, if the waiting room needs to be released.

– All surfaces in the waiting room are disinfected after each patient.

– The intervals between patients’ visits have been extended due to disinfection procedures.

The Dentineo Clinic in Gdańsk already performs all treatments from their broad portfolio.

Dentineo Clinic Angielska Grobla 35h/u4, Gdańsk, Polska https://dentineo.com/ dentineo@hotmail.com + 48 884 084 034

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