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The hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been part of the clinic’s portfolio for three years now. It has attractaed patients from as far away as Asia. Its enormous capabilities allow for helping even young, autistic patients. We have visited  the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Wound Healing Centre in Gdańsk. What are the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and what is it that attracts patients in this Tri-City based facility?

Much greater knowledge of hyperbaric oxygen thearpy, both among patients and within the medical community, did not come out of nowhere. This is largely thanks to three years of operations of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Wound Healing Centre in Gdańsk, which owes its success to factors such as  involvement of medical personnel, non-standard conditions and individual approach to the patient. A 90-minute session in the chamber, during which you can listen to relaxing music or watch a movie, offers invaluable health benefits.

Clinic (not only) for business people

HBOT, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is focused on providing increased amounts of oxygen to tissues and organs that need a re-supply. A patient in the hyperbaric chamber breathes in 100% pure oxygen through a medical mask under pressure. Oxygen reaches tissue with ischaemia in a painless and non-invasive manner, enhancing the natural defensive and regenerative processes. Many years ago, this treatment was mainly performed in carbon monoxide poisoning and decompression sickness, but today the list of indications is much longer.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a way to meet the expectations of business people, among others. –  HBOT reduces the effects of stress and tension in life. It is beneficial for counteracting burnout and corporate depression. It also shortens recovery after surgery and plastic surgery, helps to reduce body fat. In this case our customers are ladies who really care about their appearance and look for a clever way of slowing down the passing of time – says Marta Kołakowska, Sales and Marketing director at the Centre.

Treatment of athletes and therapy of autism in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Gdańsk

Athletes are also the patients of the Gdansk clinic. As explained Marta Kołakowska, hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces the effects of physical exertion, facilitates injury rehabilitation, accelerates bone remodelling and increases efficiency of the organism. Among the indications for oxygen therapy there is also combating Lyme disease. – The Borrelia burgdorferi is a microaerophilic  bacterium. In order to survive, it requires lesser concentration of oxygen than in the Earth’s atmosphere . Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber creates an environment that turns out to be fatal to the micro-organism – adds Marta Kołakowska.

Since recently, the clinic has become the only one in Poland to use this therapy also in helping autistic children. The therapy stimulates dormant brain cells to work, improving concentration and cognitive abilities of the youngest patients, while reducing stress and improving sleep quality. – Of Course, we are utilising the knowledge and assistance of our therapists and psychologists who prepare children and parents for a hyperbaric chamber session. Our young patients return to us. We see them change, we see smiling parents, and this is the most important to us – says Marta Kołakowska.

Patients from Germany, Scandinavia and Asia

In the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Wound Healing Centre in Gdańsk, the emphasis is on providing patients with freedom and a sense of security, which is directly related to the extensive knowledge of doctors. – in the chamber, our hyperbaric nurses care about the safety of our patients during compression. Our techician is the only man in Poland with a certificate of competence in the field of hyperbaric chambers, as well as the only one with such extensive knowledge and experience in operating such chamber. It provides patients with a sense of security – says Marta Kołakowska. What is important, the entire clinic staff is fluent in two or three languages, so the clinic also feels comfortable when treating foreign patients.

The facility has prepared a special offer for those from Germany, Scandinavia and South-West Asia ,who are the most frequent foreign visitors to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Wound Healing Centre. In order to entertain patients during their stay at the Polish sea, the clinic suggests taking a guided tour around the Tri-City area, diving, and even parachute jumping. VIP patients can take advantage of a private limousine with a dedicated driver if needed, and family members can select from a wide range of children activities.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Wound Healing Centre in Gdańsk aleja Jana Pawła II 50, Gdańsk, Polska https://www.facebook.com/KomoraHiperbarycznaHbOT gdansk@hiperbariatlenowa.pl + 48 791 770 355

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