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Located in the city centre, the Curodental dental clinic for over 25 years has helped thousands of patients, and their number is constantly growing as another generation comes to see the doctor. The clinic has expanded its activities with the Centre for Aesthetic Medicine “Medi Perfection”. This allows for a better, more holistic approach to treatments.  No wonder that Curodental is on the list of places to visit, as selected by the web portals: “Zatoka Piękna” (“The Bay of Beauty”) and Pomorskie Prestige.

The team of ZatokaPiekna.pl paid a visit to the clinic, located at Okopowa 7 street in Gdansk, to shed some light on the place. Below you will find a comprehensive report from the visit.

Instead of empty promises of one-day metamorphosis – quality treatment, for both local patients and visitors. Curodental is a place where every detail is meticulously attended to, and the procedures of aesthetic medicine are introduced with caution, mainly to support the dentistry portfolio. – We treat generations of patients.Literally, because whole families receive treatment at our clinic, and later recommend us to their relatives. Dr Alicja Nowicka has had patients for 20 years now … – he says Agnieszka Nowicka, clinic manager.

From prevention to surgery

What patients Dental Center Curodental appreciate most is great empathy and a wide range of treatments. Dr. Alicja Nowicka lists the services provided by the facility: conservative dentistry (applying fillings), endodontic treatment, root canal, periodontal treatment, prosthetic treatment, implants, orthodontics, and even complex surgical procedures. What’s important, standard treatments are carried out under  anaesthesia, and if the patient is afraid doctors try to prepare them for it mentally.

Curodental is, above all, a clinic with a long tradition. – We founded Curodental back in 1993.  Central location is  not insignificant, so are an extensive hotel base and proximity to the airport. In the neighbourhood there are theatres, restaurants and shopping centres, the largest of which is just accross the street. This is what attracts foreign tourists, who in addition to dentistry and endodontic treatment also decide on orthodontics, prosthetics or implants.

A visiting patient has the possibility to arrange accommodation in the direct neighbourhood of the clinic. – When it comes to foreign patients, it is our location that wins here, so we have more and more of these patients, especially from Norway  – Agnieszka Nowicka notes. – Among the patients we also have a lot of Polish expats, they come back to us on a regular basis – she adds. There are many indications that they will keep on coming, as Curodental specialists offer treatments not only in the field of dentistry, but also aesthetic medicine.

Medi Perfection for a model smile

Over time, the aesthetic medicine became the natural complement of Curodental’s offer, especially since it gives the opportunity to treat bruxism or reduction of excessive gingival display. Products, based primarily on hyaluronic acid, are already being used in the Gdańsk-based clinic , also in other types of treatments, such as nose correction, lip modelling, or volumetric lifting. The expansion of the clinic in such a way is possible, among others, due to complexsurgical facilities, sterilising equipment, and above all – cooperation with certified medical specialists.

We work with a fantastic aesthetic medicine physician, dr Wojciech Sielski, who performs aesthetic medicine treatments. Currently we are focusing on infiltration. We would like to convince our dental patients that aesthetic medicine may play supporting role in treatments. For example, teeth grinding can be treated not only orthodontically, or with a dental night guard, but also with botox – says Agnieszka Nowicka.

As the clinic manager notes, plans include further development in this direction together with introducing more and more procedures, including anti-ageing medicine for men.

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