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On the one hand, there is Sopot, which was granted the status of health seaside resort back in 1999. On the other – Ustka, with a decade-longer history. Both towns make Pomorskie more attractive, luring both regular tourists and  health resort visitors alike. Although the special status of a health resort is often underestimated, both towns keep up with their mountain counterparts. Sea breeze, sunny weather, close proximity to green areas, natural mineral water – all these make coastal health resorts perfect spots to regenerate, including alleviating symptoms of circulatory system or spine diseases.

Ustka health resort

Close proximity to Słowiński National Park, shifting dunes, the only ones in Poland, which look like moving desert sands, cliffed coast, and one of the largest Polish harbours make Ustka one of the most popular tourist destinations. It allows to take full advantage of seaside holiday, and health resort holiday at the same time. Although Ustka Sanatorium received the status of a health resort in 1988, it had been a destination for health resort visitors since the very beginning of the 20th century. One of the key factors was construction of the balneology centre, and later treatments in heated sea water, available until the breakout of World War II. Health resort functions had been restored to the town in the late 1970s, and the official status of a health resort was granted to Ustka a decade later.

Ustka, a harbour town located on the Słowiński Coast, is an all-year resort centre with several sanatorium and spa facilities, as well as two summer sea swimming areas. The resort boasts its chlorine-sodium and iodine-rich brine springs, as well as its own peat deposits. The treatments are further enhanced by large concentration of iodine in the air. Perfect conditions make Ustka an ideal place to treat rheumatological, orthopaedical, cardiological and respiratory system diseases, as well as provide treatments for the betterment the central nervous system.

One of the “magnets” of Ustka resort is the Grand Lubicz complex, in which spine treatments are available, as well as relaxation packages. There has been an increasing demand for combined rehabilitation and SPA packages, a proof of which is the transformation of the former “Promyk” sanatorium into a hotel, The Sun by Lubicz. Its offer encompasses, among others, physiotherapy, including medical massage, thermotherapy, magnetotherapy, inhalations and phototherapy. Patients may, of course, select the more traditional Perła Sanatorium located at the promenade, or Tęcza Sanatorium near the beach. These facilities will help you recuperate with curative baths, acupuncture, massages, laser therapy, inhalations, cryotherapy, and gymnastics.

From the pier to a balneotherapy session – Sopot health seaside resort

The Crooked House (Krzywy Domek), the longest wooden pier in Europe, and Monte Cassino Boulevard, a walking promenade that lures thousands of tourists is but a small part of what Sopot has to offer. The main advantage of the city is its close proximity to Gdańsk and Gdynia, however there are many things to choose from in the city itself. Located by the Bay of Gdańsk, Sopot is visited by tourists mainly during their trips to the Tri-City. Not everyone is aware, however, that this small town is also a health resort. This seaside resort, with its natural mineral waters and iodine-rich air, fully deserves its name.

Sopot resort is famous for successful treatment of circulatory and respiratory diseases, rheumatological problems, arthritis, spine disorders, limb paresis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, as well as obesity. All year round, patients visit the Kamienny Potok Spa Sanatorium, which alleviates the symptoms of, among others, internal diseases, cardiological, lung, gastrointestinal, neurological, psychiatric as well as obesity, diabetes and epilepsy. In addition to standard treatments, peat packs, cryotherapy, oil inhalations, therapeutic ozone baths and peat-pearl baths are used.

Even more tempting is Sanatorium Perła Sopot, located directly by the sea, which offers treatments in biological regeneration, physiotherapy and various relaxation and rehabilitation treatments. If you are interested not so much in relaxation as in a therapy that uses city’s natural resources, then the Helios sanatorium run by the Ministry of Interior and Administration is a place for you. This is where you will personally experience the effectiveness of balneotherapy, including therapeutic brine baths, brine inhalations, carbonic acid baths and underwater massages. Balneotherapy, in combination with physical therapy, cryotherapy and kinesitherapy, is also used in the Leśnik Sanatorium, a centre of treatment for musculoskeletal system diseases, circulatory system, respiratory system, rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis and obesity.

seaside resorts - pier in Sopot

Treatment and rehabilitation in a holiday climate – seaside resorts

Years ago, rehabilitation was associated with people of retirement age. Today, thanks to the centres like those in Sopot and Ustka, it feels almost like seaside holiday in regions known for their SPA centres. They rely on the best of everything, making full use of touristic values, natural resources and medical achievements, letting patients out in a much better condition than the one in which they were in before they had arrived an the Polish Baltic Sea.

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