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Excellent specialists, a wide range of procedures and a unique obstetrics and neonatal ward are just part of what Swissmed Hospital in Gdańsk offers to its prospective patients.

From ophthalmology to childbirth

Swissmed Hospital is a modern medical facility specialising in commercial surgical procedures, including ophthalmology, orthopaedics, proctology, vascular and general surgery. Its offer also includes breast surgery, in which the holistic approach prevails: treating with breast aesthetics in mind,  breast reconstructions after mastectomy are performed. The hospital uses innovative, top-class medical equipment, including an excimer laser for laser vision correction and a green PVP laser for prostate surgery.

– Swissmed Hospital has been operating on the Tri-City market for 16 years. At the moment we have focused on commercial activities. Our hospital has an area of about 8000 m2 , where 4 operating rooms are located. The hospital has a great deal of possibilities related to diagnostics, treatment and consulting of patients. We are focused on various types of surgical activities, i.e. surgery, gynaecology, orthopaedics, oncology. We use modern laser and minimally invasive techniques,” says doctor Włodzimierz Piankowski, director of the Swissmed Hospital, a specialist in vascular surgery.

Włodzimierz Piankowski, director of the Swissmed Hospital

The hospital in Gdansk often carries out procedures with the longest queues in the state health service. – It is estimated that about 30 000 procedures are performed annually in public facilities and the same number in private facilities – says Janusz Orzelski, a second degree specialist in general surgery, in an interview. In the hospital in Gdańsk, among others, laparoscopic treatment of gallbladder stones is carried out. Hernia and pathological obesity treatments are also performed.

Despite the incredibly developed surgery ward, the unique obstetrics and anonatology ward, which is the only private facility in this part of Poland, also deserves attention. Caring for comfort is as important as safety. For the comfort of women, delivery rooms are equipped with pharmacological and non-pharmacological aids. After the birth, patients also have at their disposal single rooms with bathrooms and heated newborn babies’ stands.

Not only for Polish patients

A holistic approach to the patient, utilising high quality medical equipment and a wide range of activities make the Gdańsk hospital attract patients not only from Pomorskie. People from all over the country but also from abroad decide to be treated in Swissmed. The facility gathers very good specialists who are able to help patients with various diseases.

– Of course, even the best technology will not perform the treatment by itself, and what we stand out in the market with is the presence of excellent specialists in various fields. We are prepared to treat patients not only from Poland, but also from abroad. Doctors and staff speak English and are well-prepared in terms of their professional knowledge and skills. Gdańsk is perfectly communicated and this helps our patients from abroad to come to us for planned treatments, and even for the consultations alone – summarises med. Włodzimierz Piankowski.

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