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In the beach recesses of the Vistula Sandbar we can not only spend the time peacefully, but also improve our health. The Therapeutic Rehabilitation Facility MEDYK in Jantar is a center which treats comprehensively all types of orthopedic and neurological diseases. It is worth visiting to be offered a chance to enjoy fitness again as soon as possible.

The Therapeutic Rehabilitation Facility MEDYK in Jantar is a place where every guest is treated individually. The objective of MEDYK’s personnel is simple – to set the patient on his feet in the most effective way and painlessly. A visitor who crosses the MEDYK threshold is at first directed to a nurse. After an initial interview the patient sees a doctor who selects, adjusts and prescribes appropriate procedures. Therefore, the entire process of rehabilitation is implemented in the most efficient manner.

Offer of The Therapeutic Rehabilitation Facility MEDYK in Jantar

MEDYK’s offer includes orthopedic rehabilitation designed for the persons who suffer from a trauma and have sustained an injury in the motor organs, those who have gone through orthopedic, neurological and surgical operations, those who need general rehabilitation as they suffer from chronic painful diseases of the osteo-articular system and neurological conditions. Assistance is provided also to those patients who are burdened with illnesses of the circulatory system, coronary artery diseases and blood hypertension.

The patients are cared for by a well-qualified personnel, including specialists in rehabilitation and physio-therapeutics and a nurse being on duty for 24h.

The Therapeutic Rehabilitation Facility MEDYK in Jantar proposes a wide range of procedures – namely, kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, ultrasounds, cryotherapy, massages.

The procedures of hydrotherapy include first of all whirlpool massages applied to legs and arms and the spine. In addition, the patients take advantage of an extremely pleasant procedure applied to the whole body performed in a spa tube. The whirlpool massages improve blood circulation, warm the patient up and ventilate, and, finally, improve mobility of their joints. To come back to fitness one should do gymnastics in the pool and take massages in jacuzzi. Finally, hydrojet – a massaging water bed – provides the patient with complete relaxation.

Apart from classic compresses with mud, the Therapeutic Rehabilitation Facility MEDYK in Jantar applies ozokerytotherapy, as well. This method relies on compresses made from natural wax which is known for its richness in minerals (iron, manganese, magnesium). They give pain relief and provide anti-inflammatory effect; they also stimulate the regenerative processes of the skin. Similarly to the mud, they extremely warm up, and that is why the tissues and muscles become relaxed, and – in result thereof – nourished.

Healing massages, individual exercises with a physio-therapist and special procedures are performed in separate treatment rooms, including, among others, boa massage (in the sleeves for the limbs), lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy, magneto-therapy, ultrasounds, local cryotherapy with nitrogen or local laser therapy.

The patients also use a steam bath, dry and infrared saunas and gym room, where they have a possibility to do exercises in a group.

The visitors may also take advantage of a pool, salt cave and cryo-room which are available in Neptun Centre nearby, being the other branch of the facility.

Occupying 2.5 ha area MEDYK tempts with not only a professional offer of rehabilitation, but also with its location. In ten minutes’ walk the patients can rest on the sandy beach, and breathe fresh air. This is highly appreciated by the guests from all regions of Poland, Scandinavia, Germany and Russia. Easy access to the beach and forest in the neighborhood are also useful in the process of medical treatment – the patients may take part in group activities in the open space outside. They practice Nordic walking under supervision of a qualified staff, too.

There are 40 double rooms and 10 apartments ready for the guests. One cycle takes either a week or two weeks or three weeks. Every day, except for Sundays and holidays, the patients are offered up to eight procedures. Thanks to these procedures the effects of rehabilitation and relief may be felt only after several days.

Therapeutic Rehabilitation Facility MEDYK in Jantar Rybacka 44, Jantar, Polska http://klinika-medyk.pl/ medyk@mierzeja.pl +48 55 247 89 69

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