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Autumn is a time when our skin gets its long-deserved, post-holiday regeneration. It is also the time to prepare ourselves for the less favourable weather conditions in winter. After summer has ended, we can finally receive treatments that had to be avoided earlier due to greater exposure to sunlight. And what are the recommendations from local beauty clinics? The editors at “Zatoka Piękna” magazine have checked several of them.

Greyish, dry, sometimes with visible discolourations and much less firm; after summer season, our skin often leaves much to be desired. Affected by the signs of photoaging, it requires intensive regeneration and preparation for the following months. Fortunately, shorter autumn days offer many possibilities. We can already start thinking about exfoliating treatments and other procedures that we had to avoid during summer. Exfoliation with acids has for years been one of the most popular methods of professional, post-vacation skin care.

Exfoliation with acids like a  autumn treatments in pomorskie
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Exfoliating peels to the rescue autumn treatments

More visible wrinkles, uneven colouration and discolouration are clear signs that the skin needs to be treated. Photoaging, which is caused by the negative influence of UV radiation, is a serious problem because it is the main reason for the skin to lose its firmness. However, its symptoms can be reduced without the use of advanced technologies, at least since aesthetic medicine practices have started using effective and safe chemical pees.

chemical pees in autumn treatments in pomorskie
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A selection of exfoliating acids at the beginning of post-holiday season is available, among others, in Instytut Babiana, where, depending on individual needs, individual programmes are created. One of the most effective substances used to reduce the effects of skin aging is glycolic acid. It not only reduces fine lines, but also improves skin tone. One of the most successful products for autumn regeneration is ferulic acid, which has a strong antioxidant effect and stimulates regeneration process.

Almond and phytic acids are also used in anti-ageing care and hyperpigmentation therapy, while shcikimic acid, in turn, will affect skin hydration problems and inflammation. Contrary to the popular belief that acids are the enemy of sensitive skin, a properly selected preparation also helps to calm rosacea. So, if in autumn the blood vessels become known, it is worth considering peeling with azelaic acid, which soothes irritations, while reducing post-inflammatory discolorations.

Are peels a panacea for all skin problems? Although they are a great method of regeneration, in order to visibly rejuvenate skin it is necessary to reach for more advanced technologies. What other treatments are currently recommended by clinics in the Tri-City?

Autumn – the best time to rejuvenate your skin

Colder months are ideal for rejuvenating treatments. Some of them will allow you to prepare for the holiday season, when we like to shine at corporate and family events. But where to start? As Lorenzo Coletti Clinic suggests, one of the most common procedures is radio frequency microneedling, which guarantees effective rejuvenation of facial and neck skin.

radio frequency microneedling in autumn treatments in pomorskie
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Micro needling stimulates tissue repair processes, while radio frequency stimulates the production of new collagen fibres. It is a safe treatment, which precisely refreshes the skin and improves its firmness and tension. The effects, as in the case of treatments stimulating the production of collagen, are more visible every day, and technology allows you to even deal with flaccid arm skin, knee skin, as well as abdomen or thighs.

Radio frequency microneedling is not the only treatment recommended by Lorenzo Coletti Clinic in autumn. Oxygen infusion is also an excellent choice. It perfectly complements the nourishing therapy, and is ideal while preapring for all sorts of banquets. It is a non-invasive method of injecting a serum selected to meet the skin’s needs, which allows to achieve an immediate smoothing or moisturising effect.

Mesotherapy only with platelet-rich plasma…

Mesotherapy remains the undisputed ruler of holiday skin revitalisation treatments. The popularity records however, according to Dr. Kubik’s Medical Centre (Centrum Medyczne dr Kubik), belong to Magellan platelet-rich plasma treatment. It is a perfect treatment for people prone to allergies, because it is an extremely effective alternative to well-known revitalising treatments. Mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient’s blood improves skin tone and texture, increases its elasticity and ability to maintain moisture.

Mesotherapy in autumn tretmens in pomorskie
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Unlike many treatments, Magellan System mesotherapy is performed once, not in a series. First effects can be sometimes seen after just one week, while complete results after a month. The results of a single injection last between 8 and 12 months. Magellan is an innovative plasma preparation system that, when injected, releases growth factors contained in the patient’s blood platelets. Its effectiveness and safety is confirmed by the fact that the procedure is also used in the therapy of alopecia or aesthetic gynaecology.

Beautiful legs for next summer

Autumn is also an excellent time to start laser epilation. The Vectus laser treatment packages offered by the Dr. Kubik’s Medical Centre (Centrum Medyczne dr Kubik) are the starting point towards the next holiday season. Starting treatments now, we are sure that next summer we will enjoy perfectly smooth skin. The coming months are also a season for laser therapy, which may or may not be used to remove unnecessary hair.

laser epilation in autumn treatmens in pomorskie
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It is worth remembering that colder seasons, when we cover our legs, are also an ideal time to remove varicose veins and spider veins on our legs. This also applies to non-invasive and painless sclerotherapy available in the ArtVein Surgery Clinic in Gdańsk, This treatment allows to close damaged reticular veins. The preparation administered during the procedure causes fibrosis of blood vessel walls, which leads to their closure.

sclerotherapy in autumn treatments in pomorskie
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Regenerative and rejuvenating treatments are the basis, but if we are also thinking about other beauty procedures, it is best to decide now. By giving yourself time to recover, carry out the whole planned series or regenerate the skin before winter, we can be sure that we have done everything to best prepare our skin for the next season.

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