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It is one of the most famous clinics in Poland that specializes in implantology, as well as one of the few in Pomorskie that offers on the top level, world class dental treatment. Vivadental, a dental clinic with traditions has been present on the Tricity market for 25 years.

Vivadental is the synonym of high class dental treatment. Best experts and doctors from all fields of dentistry are employed here. This ensures the patients receive complex treatment: from orthodontics to prosthetics.

This complexity reveals itself also in another way. When during an appointment the doctor decides that a more thorough diagnosis from a specialist is needed the patient is invited to the room next door. There, a specialist will take care of them, implementing a treatment that fits the needs of the patient. Full diagnosis can be performed at one time, in one building, which is a tremendous facilitation.

Vivadental has one of the most advanced CT scanners available on the market. NewTom 5G provides a 3D image of the jaw, allowing the doctor to precisely diagnose the patient’s condition and implement proper treatment. One tomography scan replaces several other, very often strenuous, treatment methods.

Vivadental specialists also use in their work a state-of-the-art scanner that allows for a simple and non-invasive dentition imaging, and restoring it in just one visit. The scanner guarantees highest quality prosthetics. In a separate room, in a more relaxed surroundings, the patients are presented with treatment schedule, together with a visualization of the final effect.

The clinic is also fitted with a large operating room, where mainly surgical and implantology procedures are performed. Dr Violetta Szycik, one of the top implantology specialists in the country, takes advantage of TK scans that she views on a large screen, a microscope, X-ray machine, and a lamp with a built-in camera that allows both the patients and doctors who undergo implantogy training to observe the entire procedure.

Education is yet another aspect of Vivadental’s activities. Dr Szycik is certified to carry out postgraduate training for dentists in the field of implantology and accompanying disciplines. Theoretical and practical courses with patient involvement that are part of the European Dental Implant Institute Vivadental are used by doctors from Poland and around the world. The latest training package is the Implantology Practicum.

Vivadental also co-operates closely with scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology. Students of this university also benefit from this co-operation – they can learn about the use of biometals in dental treatment. Joint research has already produced some patent applications.

The Vivadental children foundation is another aspect of the clinic’s operations. The Foundation extends care over 134 chidlren that need support, help, and dental treatment. In autumn, 2015, another edition of the program began that allows children to undergo the necessary dental treatments.

However, the clinic stands out not only with its exceptional quality of medical services, but with its interior design as well. Bright floors with light blue insets, glazed room doors that allow to observe the doctors’ work, and painting made by students of the Academy of Fine Arts – all this makes you feel unique in Vivadental clinic. “Dentistry is art” say the owners. This art, thousands of patients from Poland and abroad, have entrusted.

Vivadental Aleja Zwycięstwa 48, Gdańsk, Polska https://vivadental.pl/ vivadental@vivadental.pl + 48 58 346 15 66

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