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Are you dreaming of beautiful skin on your face and body all year round, even in summer? It’s not too late! Aesthetic medicine treatments exist that can be performed safely even when the sunlight is more intense than ususal. It is enough to consult a specialist in aesthetic medicine or cosmetology and remember about proper sun protection. We have prepared a comprehensive list of treatments that are available in summer in Pomorskie.

Mesotherapy – a holiday must-have!

Mesotherapy, which not only moisturizes but also regenerates the skin, is invariably considered to be a summer must-have. In this treatment, a cocktail of vital nutrients is administered, which strengthen skin’s protective barrier, increase its flexibility and regulate regenerative processes.

“The invaluable number one of our clinic is the hydrobooster treatment – that is, the combination and mixing of non cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a vitamin bomb, which often has over 50 nutrients. The preparations are always selected individually according to the needs of the patient. A different vitamin cocktail will be given to a 20-year-old patient, whose problem is mainly due to skin dryness or imperfections, and a different one to a 40+ patient, where we already notice the first effects of gravity. The hydrobooster treatment is performed in a series of 2-3 treatments, at two to three week intervals.” – says Dr. Magda Brona-Teżyk, aesthetic medicine doctor at HomeClinic in the town of Różyny.

“Additionally, mesotherapy can be applied not only to the face, but also décolletage or hands, which today are particularly vulnerable to drying and destruction by frequent disinfection with disinfectants. Hands, especially now so exposed, will be grateful to you for the treatment with hyaluronic acid, which has deep moisturizing properties.” – adds Dr. Brona-Teżyk.

Bye bye cellulite!

Summer is a period when women are particularly interested in beautiful and smooth skin. Cellulite, which is the nightmare of most of us, unfortunately looks unsightly and takes away the confidence not only on the beach. Therefore, this problem is worth adressing and getting rid of. The best way to do it is by undergoing a series of LPG Alliance Endermology treatments. The treatment breaks down locally accumulated fat cells, increases blood and lymph circulation and activates metabolism, and thus helps to remove toxins accumulated in the body, which are also responsible for the formation of cellulite. The device, which received the first FDA certificate confirming its effectiveness in cellulite reduction is available, among others, in the Diamond Beauty beauty salon in Pruszcz Gdański.

Fat accumulation

A beach body is worth maintaining by exercising and with a regular, balanced diet. However, during the holiday season, rapid and effective action is sometimes needed. The elimination of excess fat is easier with ONDA – a procedure based on the technology of unique Coolwaves™ microwaves that reach the fat tissue, precisely acting on the membranes of fat cells, causing their breakdown and removal from the body.

The latest ONDA device for fighting against adipose tissue is now available in the Tri-City in the Orłowo Clinic in Gdynia.

Non-invasive silhouette modelling treatments, as well as anti-cellulite therapy or nourishing mesotherapy will make your skin firm, smooth and well hydrated in the summer, and you will feel well-cared for and beautiful.

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