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What’s the best place for massage therapy and treatments? SPA, of course! You don’t have to go away for the weekend, or take a couple of days off and book a hotel, to fully enjoy relaxation or beauty treatments. You can take care of your body and mind after work. One afternoon, one evening for yourself will be enough to relax and recharge your batteries. You can regain your strength in just a few hours visiting one of the SPA centres located in the city, or hidden in one of the hotels. Remember that hotel SPA is not an amenity exclusively for hotel guests, but very often also for local clients. Today, we have prepared three trustworthy spots in Gdańsk that offer unique experiences, high quality services, and professional care.

Day SPA centres offer professional services during the day, usually from Monday to Friday, without accommodation. Very often, a day SPAs are hotel facilities, which extend their offers towards inhabitants of Gdańsk and its neighbouring areas.

Many hotels also offer beauty and relaxation treatments, as well as wellness zones, with swimming pools or saunas. The day SPA offer is especially for those who are overworked and overstressed, and don’t have time for longer holidays, but still would like to stay in shape and look well. What’s important is that SPA is becoming more and more popular among men, too, who not only take advantage of various massage therapies and rituals, but also facial care treatments.

Prana Spa – journey to Ayuverda world

I discovered this unique place quite recently. Although I’m a frequent visitor to Szeroka street, so far I’ve been avoiding the black signboard with the logo. Crossing the threshold of Prana Spa seems somewhat magical.  It’s like crossing a threshold to an entirely different world. Oriental scents, interior design, furniture, accessories and elements of equipment straight from India create a kind of genius loci. After a few moments, and a couple of sips of tea, you will be immersed in the world of the Orient and experience Ayurveda, one of the oldest alternative treatment methods known to the world.

Prana Spa features therapists from India who apply proven Ayurvedic techniques during treatments and massages. Prior to treatments, you can enjoy a consultation and advice from Ayurvedic doctor Shabna Nahabudeen, who provides personalized lifestyle guidance according to your dosha. Ayurveda, although the very word sounds mystical and strange, carries a very simple message: Live in harmony with yourself and the surrounding nature. A session in Prana Spa is a journey into yourself, where you can discover the art of harmonious life, improve your well-being and treat your body to a wonderful relaxation time. We recommend their treatments especially for people living “on the run” in order to relax and reduce stress.

Unlike Western medicine, Ayurveda views the human being as a whole, focuses on preventing disease, and when it does occur, removing the source of the disease rather than the symptoms. Often this ancient Hindu philosophy becomes so close to our clients that they change their current lifestyle. After one treatment many people come back to follow in its footsteps. In order to benefit from Ayurvedic advice and techniques, you do not have to turn your everyday life upside down. It is enough to visit our SPA from time to time and gain more positive energy with each subsequent treatment.

What is important, therapists at Prana Spa work not only with the body. Their work is also a great benefit for the mind and spirit. Relaxation, removal of toxins from the body, and calming are some of the few positive effects that you can expect. Depending on your needs, Ayurvedic treatments can be customized for specific conditions, used to boost your vitality, sharpen your senses, nourish your body and make it more flexible. For those seeking new experiences, it is an inspiring display of Oriental culture, natural medicine and ancient Hindu philosophy that leads to reaching balance and increasing self-awareness. These are some of the most popular treatments:

– Abhyanga – massage with a warm medicinal oil, which not only relaxes, but also boosts immunity and benefits the body and spirit.

– Udavarthana – an intensive massage with dry powder and a mixture of herbs. It helps in weight loss, improves blood circulation, firms the skin and leaves it smooth and gently glowing.

– Shirodhara – “third eye” massage. This is one of the most important Ayurvedic therapies, but also the one that arouses most curiosity among our clients. It involves pouring warm oil on the vital point on our forehead. Come and see for yourself! It rejuvenates and purifies the body, relieves stress, mental fatigue and cures a number of disorders.

The place offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and massages. For more information visit Prana Spa.

Five Senses floating spa – floating therapy to soothe your senses

I noticed this atmospheric place of relaxation located in the heart of the prestigious Garnizon housing estate on Norwida Street long time ago, when I used to drop in to nearby restaurants and cafes for lunch or coffee. I had no need to check it out, but the moment came when, in search of a relaxing treatment for a loved one, I timidly stepped inside. I must admit that the small and intimate place, inconspicuous from the outside, surprised me. In addition to traditional SPA rooms, I discovered two floating cabins.

Five Senses floating spa is one of the few places in the Tri-City that lets you enjoy floating therapy. I immediately decided to take advantage of the service – it was a promising method for fighting stress. If you value comfort and professionalism, look for a top-quality SPA in the vicinity of your home, it’s a place for you. Here, you will have time for yourself and relax, taking advantage not only of the wide range of massage therapies, but also the floating therapy.

No gravity, no touch, no sound and no distractions – that is how floating, or floating therapy, can be described in a nutshell. It used to be known as sensory deprivation and nowadays as Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), says Karol Nowinski, co-owner. – Whatever name you use, it is simply an amazing way to relax, regenerate your body and soothe your pain. It’s the only environment where you can detach yourself from all stimuli and achieve both physical and mental balance, encourages the therapist.

During the session, you float on water in which ½ ton of EPSOM medicinal salt is dissolved and heated to about 35 degrees Celsius, around body temperature. Floating has an incredible effect on the body, mind and soul. The cabin cuts you off from all external stimuli, which allows to achieve a deep state of relaxation. Your body relaxes, all muscle tension and stress are removed, and any pain is soothed. Under these conditions, the brain releases huge amounts of endorphins and begins to strive to balance both hemispheres. The mind not only relaxes, but becomes more creative. During a 60-minute floating session, we relax as if we were sleeping for four hours. What is more, the brain switches from regular alpha waves to theta waves, which is the state that Buddhists try to achieve during meditation. There have already been over 10 thousand floating sessions at Five Senses floating spa!

Together with Patryk, co-founder of Day SPA, we are masseurs and therapists. We know how much people are overloaded with outside information. That is why this place was created. Our flagship treatment is floating with massage. We were the first place in Gdansk, which introduced such a combination. Other places in Poland are following our example. The deluxe package provides deep relaxation and a fresh mind to face the challenges. Our massage is not stroking. We like to work with tissues depending on their tension, explains Karol Nowiński.

The offer includes therapeutic and medicinal massages as well as our own massages such as Five Senses floating spa massage, which combines different techniques and anti-stress massage of the back, neck and head. Recently, the Japanese massage Kobido, which is a non-surgical face lift, has also been enjoying  popularity. Massages and beauty treatments are based on natural Polish cosmetics. Services can be used by five people at a time. Currently, on the Five Senses website, subscribing to the newsletter, you can take advantage of a 40 pln discount on floating.

Hotel Almond Buisness & SPA – the only chlorine-free swimming pool in the Tri-City

If you haven’t paid a visit to the Almond Hotel yet, it is worth to correct your mistake. If only because of its interesting history. At the beginning of the 20th century, the building at 12 Toruńska Street housed a marzipan and cocoa factory. According to the original, traditional recipe, marzipan was made from aromatic almonds. And from ripe cocoa beans, a miraculous powder known to all – cocoa – was extracted.  Therefore, the heart of Almond SPA are treatments in which a significant roles are played by: almond oil rich in youth vitamins and chocolate, which stimulates the release of happy hormones. It also lubricates, moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

Almond SPA

The Almond SPA, located in a 4-star hotel, is available for both hotel guests and walk-in clients who visit for treatments, massages, yoga classes or swimming pool. Stylish interiors of 4 exclusive therapy rooms, including one adapted for two people, equipped with modern equipment, the company of soothing music and the care of qualified specialists will make you feel special as soon as you cross the threshold.

Sight. Hearing. Sense of smell. Taste. Touch. We will take care of all your senses during relaxing rituals, treatments and massages for face and body. We use proven, non-invasive, but extremely effective high-tech equipment: oxygen infusion and body shaping treatment – Thermogenique, an ultrasonic cavitation slimming device, – says Katarzyna Krzeptowska, director of the SPA.

Among the most popular treatments is “Chocolate Wrap” (Czekoladowe Otulenie) – a relaxing massage for couples that uses dark, hot chocolate, “Gift of the Baltic” – an amber ritual that involves body peeling and massage, “Almond Massage”, an original body and head massage. with almond oil, enriched with warm compresses, and the Japanese “Kobido” massage  – lifting without a scalpel, combining traditional Japanese techniques with muscle and facial relaxation. Almond SPA uses cosmetics of three recognized brands – Polish Yonelle, a local company from Gdańsk – Femi Laboratory, and Latvian Norden Cosmetics.

Almond SPA stands out from the crowd with its unique wet zone, where guests can enjoy a comfortable, chlorine-free swimming pool, 15 by 6 metres, equipped with water spouts and counter-current. It is not only a good way to increase muscle power, but it also has a firming effect. An interesting fact is that it is purified with colloid silver and is a safe place for anyone who suffers from allergies. Probably that is why young mothers with children and all those who do not tolerate chlorine are among the most frequent guests.

In addition to the pool in the Wellness zone, you can warm up in a cosy jacuzzi, take advantage of the spacious dry sauna, steam room with fragrant essential oils in the air, and the relaxation zone by the pool, where you can breathe in silence after a hard day or business meetings. Due to the limited number of places and the desire to provide guests with adequate space to relax, the number of entries to the so-called Wellness zone on a given day is limited. Those interested should contact the reception and make a reservation in advance.

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