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The end of the year inevitably approaches. So, traditionally, December will not only have an above-average number of family meetings, but also treatments that will prepare you for the New Year’s party. Here is our very partial overview of treatments in the SPA and Day SPA clinics of Pomorskie.

Facial treatments before New Year’s Eve

December is the prefect moment for pre-party treatments that guarantee instant effects and don’t require recuperation. In fact, it would be odd to currently opt for procedures that cause swelling, bruising, or other ‘side effects’ that need to heal. What are some of the top New Year’s facial treatments recommended by aesthetic medicine experts from the Tri-City? Number one choice in the Novique clinic in Gdańsk is the Zaffiro thermolift — a non-invasive treatment that gives immediate effects, and is a must before spending the night out.

Zaffiro thermolift treatment combines two technologies: infrared light, which heats up deep skin layers and shortens collagen and elastin  fibres, and water peeling, which allows for skin cleansing. The skin is visibly firmer minutes after the treatment. Zaffiro also facilitates pore narrowing, which only boosts the results — the complexion looks much healthier and relaxed, without any sense of discomfort.

Another facial, pre-party treatment, tested by the Zatoka Piękna Staff, is the Black Doll carbon laser peeling. The experts from Home Clinic Różyny claim that it is one of the most effective ways of cleansing and smoothing of the skin. It immediately improves the skin colour, and smooths out smaller wrinkles. It also reduces inflammation, which is particularly valuable in winter. During the treatment, an active coal face mask is applied. Then, the skin is exposed to light from a picosecond laser. The mask  absorbs any contamination to the skin, as well as excess sebum. The treatment is painless, and a slight redness disappears after applying  a peelable moisturising mask.

Home Clinic Różyny also sees a spike in popularity of hyaluronic acid lip shaping and moisturising treatments during this period. These treatments can be performed in a variety of ways, using different techniques and hyaluronic acid products. The goal, however, is the same in every case: to achieve a natural and subtle effect. The product of choice in the clinic is dedicated to lip modelling, and provides deep moisturisation and soft lip augmentation. Of course, it is better to perform the treatment earlier than a day before the New Year’s Eve due to possible redness and swelling.

Body treatments and SPA before the New Year’s Eve

During New Year’s Eve preparations, many women focus on selecting a dress, visiting hairdresser’s, make-up, and facial treatments. Meanwhile, body treatments can add just as much glamour to your stunning, New Year’s look. Need examples? The Storz Medical treatment in Novique clinic in Gdańsk. Although it takes several repetitions to achieve results, treatment sessions take place every 3 to 5 days, so it’s not too late to book an appointment.

Even a couple of treatments with the Storz shockwave reduces cellulite and shapes the thighs, buttocks, and belly. What is the science behind this technology? In short, a transducer generates an acoustic wave under high pressure, which stimulates the tissue. This, in turn, improves cellular metabolism and stimulates formation of new blood vessels, resulting in reduction of cellulite and localised adiposities. The treatment is described as comfortable. As it doesn’t require recuperation, you may consider it during your preparations for New Year’s Eve.

You shouldn’t forget about relaxing in the face of bulky workload and Christmas hustle & bustle. Having faced such an intense period of time, you may feel an unusually strong desire for relaxation, not only for the sake of better mental well-being, but also to look your best. So, why not act upon this desire by visiting a Day SPA? For example, Mera SPA in Mariott Hotel in Sopot. As you would expect from a seaside SPA, there is a sensational ritual for you to enjoy that takes advantage of the medicinal properties of amber. The moisturising, nourishing, and firming effect of the amber scrub and mask, combined with a massage session, are a sure recipe for a beautiful New Year’s Eve celebration in a jolly mood.

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