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In these clinics, dental treatment is carried out with the use of modern equipment and equally important as its results is taking care of the comfort of the patient, including foreign patients. A visit to a good dental clinic is more like a visit to a SPA center – specialists do their best to provide the patient with not only the highest quality services, but also their comfort. What’s more, new technologies used in clinics make the majority of treatments completely painless, which is why they are visited without stress and with the conviction that the dentist will select optimal treatment procedures. High service standards, interior design like a SPA center, replacing the conventional needle-administered local anaesthesia with less invasive procedures prove that Pomorskie dental clinics take care of every detail, thus attracting patients from all over the country as well as from abroad. Which of them are particularly recommendable?

Here is a subjective selection of five Pomorskie dental clinics by Zatoka Piękna (Beauty Bay), where patients are provided with high standards of service and comfort.

VIVADENTAL – European Center for Implantology and Aesthetics in Gdańsk

VIVADENTAL clinic in Gdańsk competes with the best facilities in Europe. The clinic can boast not only large training activity, scientific research and a separate Practice of Implantology unit, but also a holistic approach to patients and very modern equipment. As one of only a few clinics around the world, it has a dental cone beam computed CT device that allows you to pick up all the lesions and plan the implant procedure very carefully. The comfort of each patient is also increased by the intraoral scanner, which replaced traditional dental impressions. When sitting in a dental chair, you can be sure that the specialist will take into account the overall health and examine (and cure) irregularities within not only your teeth, but also your jaw.

Minerva Studio – stock.adobe.com

Noir Dental Clinic in Gdańsk

Dental treatment without pain and with good results? Noir Dental Clinic in Gdańsk, owned by Dr. Ewa Chomik, specialist in dental prosthetics, proves that everything is possible. Prosthetics is treated here as art, using procedures that not only provide good aesthetic effects, but also restore proper chewing and speaking functions. The clinic uses advanced technologies and modern procedures, including digital smile design. In the Noir Dental Clinic a comprehensive approach is very important, which is why a lot of attention is paid to medical issues, also in the field of orthodontics, i.e.  the treatment of malocclusion and maxillofacial defects. The clinic also offers endodontics, and procedures in hard to reach areas, curved canals, and repeated root canal treatment are carried out earlier in another place.

Noir Dental Clinic in Gdańsk

Artdent Beauty & Care Dentistry in Sopot

Artdent Beauty & Care Dentistry clinic in Sopot, which is the only clinic in Pomorze equipped with the Carl Zeiss Opmi Pro Ergo microscope, also offers a high level of dental procedures and customer service. The device provides accurate diagnosis, as well as allowing teeth to be saved that would have had to have been removed in the past. Professional treatment of difficult cases is also facilitated by the implant system of Global D. a French company. In Artdent Beauty & Care Dentistry it is also important to have an individual approach to the patient who is offered a few different possible procedures. Before making the decision, you can take advantage of the Digital Smile Design, which allows you to see what the final effect of the planned treatment will look like. Thanks to the screen mounted on the ceiling you can watch a favorite movie or TV show during the procedures, which makes patients more comfortable.

Artdent Beauty & Care Dentistry in Sopot

Dentx Healthy Smile Center in Wejherowo

Among the five best clinics there is also the Dentx Healthy Smile Center in Wejherowo, where  dentistry has been combined with aesthetic medicine. A friendly interior design is as important here as the complexity of services that has been achieved by including mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, hyaluronic acid and botox treatments and CO2 Finexel fractional laser treatments and other procedures in the offer. Thanks to such a business model of the clinic, it is possible to cure your teeth and reduce gum smile. The clinic also has its own X-ray laboratory and Zeiss microscopes, which allow doctors to work in high magnification and perform dental procedures with high precision, as well as a new Beyond lamp for teeth whitening.

Dentx Healthy Smile Center in Wejherowo
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Dental Center Lux-Dent in Chojnice

Another alternative for Tri-City dental clinics is Lux-Dent clinic in Chojnice, where dental procedures are performed at the highest possible level. The clinic offers a comprehensive approach to tooth health, which is why it employs dental specialists in surgery, orthodontics, periodontics and prosthetics. Not only root canal procedure but also tissue plastics, malocclusion correction, implant procedures with implants by PalTop and AlphaBio, Israeli companies and American Zimmer Dental, and scaling. The clinic also offers prosthetics procedures based on Wiligala Labor lab services. The comprehensive approach to the patient is also demonstrated by the possibility of having a complete range of X-ray and CT diagnostics.

Dental Center Lux-Dent in Chojnice
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As you can see Pomorskie dental clinics have a holistic approach to dental procedures. Knowledge and skills are combined with the latest technologies that even specialists from Western Europe would envy. This is also the reason why doctors from the local clinics not only perform medical procedures but also training activities.

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