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Right next to the entrance of St. Mary’s Basilica, behind the brick walls of a 1920’s building, there is Piwna 47 Food & Wine Bar. Older inhabitants of Gdańsk know that once there was a photographic atelier there, and some apartments on the first floor. Before you take a table, I recommend a walk around the restaurant, because it is beautifully decorated, and the view outside the window completes the beauty of the place. Ms. Edyta Ellwart, the owner of the place took care of the interior design and decorated it in the Provencal style. There are two levels waiting for the guests of the restaurant (you can see the square in front of  St. Mary’s Basilica from the upper floor) and a gorgeous winter garden open all year round.

Piwna 47 in Gdańsk – worth a visit at any time of year

Ms. Magdalena Macyra, the manager of the restaurant, says: “The guests of Piwna 47 can enjoy the comfort and exclusivity of the place. It is provided by both the interior design, and a nice atmosphere. We also want our guests to experience above-average food and service.”

piwna 47

The restaurant has many places where you can hide away and enjoy the delicious food and view in peace. The winter garden and its romantic lighting in the evening will attract couples in love, for business meetings you can choose the space on the upper floor to be a bit separate  from other guests, and I sat right next to the entrance, by the window. I can see the garden and tourists walking by, and I like people-watching.

Speaking about the garden, it is worth mentioning that in 2018 Piwna 47 received the award for the most beautiful restaurant garden. The idea of the garden comes from France, also relevant: there are no umbrellas in order not to  obscure  the view of Gdańsk’s monuments, and the guests sit under the sky, surrounded by flowers, like in Paris cafes.

Time for a culinary experience

I admire the interior of the restaurant, but now it’s time to get to know the culinary face of the restaurant. Marcin Faliszek, who comes from Gdańsk, has been the chef since the very beginning.

“In Piwna 47, you can taste European cuisine with some Mediterranean and Polish flair. We get our inspiration from  the Pomorskie Region, we use local products and we make sure we have seasonal dishes on  the menu. We buy cheese, game meats, vegetables and fruit from local suppliers,” says the chef and adds: “In spring and summer we want to emphasize the lightness, freshness and green ingredients of the dishes. The dishes are also meant to please the eye.”

Food & Wine – served drinks enhance the taste experience

The restaurant menu changes twice a year. Its integral part is the wine list, which – as the name of the restaurant suggests – is the specialty of this place. Carefully selected wines perfectly emphasize the flavor of dishes, and guests can choose from a wide range of wines with the help of the service. Apart from wine you can also try interesting drinks (I took a photo of gin infused with earl gray tea, and a drink based on 10-year-old whisky with Machandel flavor, including plum, lemon and rosemary smoke), and typical Gdańsk liquors: golden water (Goldwasser) and the above-mentioned Machandel, traditional juniper served with a prune.

International cuisine and Gdansk traditions at Piwna 47

I only admire the drinks, but I try some dishes from the menu. I begin with delicate veal dumplings and carrot puree, parsley pesto, fresh radishes and champignons in oyster sauce. It all tastes delicious, and thanks to the accompaniments such a common dish as dumplings is taken to a different level. The second dish that appears on the table is like spring in a nutshell: there are peas, broad beans, pak choi, radishes, beetroot green apple compressed in Żubrówka, and the star of the plate is a pink duck breast. It is beautiful and delicious. The last dish I try is a wild boar bacon with an aromatic demi-glace sauce, served on spinach puree with tiny carrots and leeks. It is light and fresh in spite of the strong flavor of game meat.

Of course, this is only a fraction of the dishes that you can try at Piwna 47 Food & Wine Bar. A wide selection of starters, soups (including a beautifully served seasonal cold soup), light salads and pasta, fish (e.g. great grilled whole sea-bream served with grilled vegetables) and desserts are waiting for their guests. You can also have breakfast here – I think that on a sunny summer morning it tastes best in the beautiful garden!


Restauracja Piwna47 Food & Wine Bar

Piwna 47, Gdańsk

phone: +48 58 380 88 80


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