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Freshwater fish are rich in vitamins and minerals. Unlike their marine counterparts, they are thinner and much more digestible. They are perfect when you are on a diet. Which places in the Pomorskie region offer best freshwater fish from reliable sources? Here are three places that feature this noble fish in their menus.

Pomorskie is a lush region with rivers and lakes, which are home to different species of freshwater fish. They are worth including in your diet, for several reasons. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to your health in many ways, as well as B vitamins and microelements like: phosphorus, selenium, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. It is good to have a fish on your plate at least once a week. If you would like to experience a bit more sophisticated version than a home-fried fillet, book a table in one of the restaurants in Pomorskie. One of the best freshwater fish is zander. Its meat is white and tender, with a buttery note, and at the same time – it is not fatty and has almost no bones. Doesn’t it sound like a fish of your dreams? It is not surprising that executive chefs from top restaurants in the region are so keen to use it.

Zander with broad bean puree and boletus mushrooms

First on our list are: starter and main dish in 5. Piętro Restaurant in IBB Długi Targ Hotel. As a starter the executive chef, Bartosz Czyżyk, recommends common roach fillet baked with cherry tomatoes and spring onion, with foam of Hollandaise sauce. The common roach is a fish found in abundance in Pomorskie. Its meat, although bony, is lean, tender, and delicious. Its bones are of no concern, as they are easily removed.

For the main course, the head chef recommends zander fillet with broad bean puree, pan-fried boletus mushrooms, baby carrots and a vegetable demi-glace sauce.

“We pan-fry the fillet from the skin side, constantly pouring it with clarified, hot butter. I really appreciate zander for its delicious, firm meat,” says Bartosz Czyżyk.

Apart from zander, this dish features broad bean and boletus mushrooms. The beans are pre-boiled with dill, lovage and butter, and then peeled and finely grated. Fresh boletus mushrooms are fried with a pinch of garlic, deglazed with white wine, and sprinkled with butter. There is no need to convince you further, right?

Zander in crayfish sauce with rhubarb, beet greens and apples

Another item on our list is a dish served in Canis Restaurant. It will appeal especially to those who expect pronounced flavours, full of contrasts, yet they would like the feeling of unity. Zander is, of course, the most important here. However, the sides are equally so.

“Canis relies mostly on comfort food, which is food that takes you on a trip down the memory lane, to your childhood, to the times of joy and bliss. At the same time, they allow to explore traditional flavours with a modern twist. One of these is zander from the Żuławy region, with a note of rhubarb, polenta, beet greens and Granny Smith apple,” says the head chef of Canis Restaurant, Mateusz Janusz.

Imagine the tenderness of zander meat, full of Omega-3 fatty acids, with a sweet and sour twist of the excellent Granny Smith apples. This was not a random choice. Granny Smith apples come from Sydney, and have been grown since 1968. Their skin is intensely green, and its flesh is intense with a hint of acidity. Sounds intriguing!

Roasted zander with rice, orange and dry Riesling wine

Our third stop is at Browar PG4  restaurant. This time our king of lakes is served in the company of juicy orange and dry Riesling. Try it, and you will admit that this combination is intriguingly delicious.

– The environment and diet of zander make it one of the most appreciated fish by chefs. The meat is white, clean and very tender, and the skin is elastic, so the fish does well with any treatment. Our favourite dish is baked zander with black rice, vegetable tagliatelle, wine and butter sauce, with salad of fennel, orange and dill,” says Katarzyna Boguska-Topolić, operating manager of Browar PG4 restaurant.

Sounds exciting! And since we are at it, do not forget to order their famous local beer, brewed on the premises in a traditional, local way.

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