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Travelling to Hel Peninsula in summer may discourage even the most zealous proponents of the headland. Crowds and constant, heavy traffic discourage any trips. Thus, there are two solutions: to postpone the trip for autumn or find a place that will make the long ride a bit less painstaking. With you, my dear reader, in mind, I decided to discover the culinary pearl of Celbowo (a village near Puck): the Nordowi Mol restaurant. Be sure to remember the name, and I guarantee that after the first visit will make you plan the next trip to the northern parts of Poland.

In the restaurant I was greeted by the owner himself, Marek Hewelt, who took me on a journey through flavours. Nordowi Mol specialises in traditional, Kashubian cuisine. The restaurant’s menu has several features that attract regular patrons, as well as tourists lured by the restaurant’s fame. When I shared news of my visit to Nordowi Mol online, several people from different parts of Poland reached out to me just to tell me they often visited the restaurant as well. It’s pretty obvious the restaurant is very popular, but what happened around noon can be described in one word: a beehive!

Regional flavours in Nordowi Mol

What distinguishes Nordowi Mol  from other roadside restaurants is a consistent, well-designed menu full of regional flavors. It offers goose in many shapes and sizes, not just in November (when the traditional, Polish goose festival takes place), but all year round. The restaurant’s “origin story” is strictly connected to geese. When it first opened its doors on Independence Day in 2006, Nordowi Mol hosted the first Goose Feast, an event during which goose dishes were served and local farmers and manufacturers showcased their products. Already thirteen editions of the Goose Feast have taken place. Anyone who hasn’t had the chance to participate shouldn’t worry. The menu offers an abundance of goose dishes for twelve months a year. Convinced by Marek Hewelt, I went for the delicious goose breast that literally melted in my mouth, served with fried red cabbage.

From the seasonal insert (seasonal dishes also appear on a dedicated board) I tried mushroom soup with freshly picked boletus mushrooms, with home-made noodles. It was one of the best mushroom soups I’d ever tasted!

mushroom soup in Nordowi Mol

The head chef also treated me to the traditional blood soup (“czernina”), a trip down the memory lane for me, and the absolutely amazing, spicy turnip cream soup. This last dish really reminded me of the Kashubian region.

“I’m a true-born Kashubian” – says Marek Hewelt. “Kashubian kitchen has been with me since childhood. One of my favourite flavours is blood soup (“czernina”) and goose in different forms. These were served at my family home. Now, we apply those recipes in our restaurant. I want dishes that guests get to be fair and delicious “- he adds.

I also tried herring in sour cream with potatoes. It’s a serving that can easily serve as entire dinner.

For dessert, I get a goblet of home-made, yogurt ice-cream. Light and fluffy, with Kashubian strawberry mousse, it is a wonderful finish to the feast. Frankly, I could eat these ice-cream all summer long.

As much as it is possible, Nordowi Mol uses products from local suppliers. Honey from local apiaries (also available to buy on the spot), Kashubian oat goose, local cheese, apples, and many more. All this comprises genuine, homely, culinary experience. Flavours of Nordowi Mol are also appreciated by jurors of numerous culinary competitions. The restaurant has been awarded many times, for example with the title of the Best Inn in Poland (it is worth mentioning that more than a thousand restaurants took part in this contest).

As there is only so much a stomach can handle at one go, it’s impossible to try everything at one sitting. Fortunately, there is a possibility to stock up in the shop located in the restaurant. Naturally smoked goose breast, fried herring, home-made lard, goose pate with cranberry, cherries, or the mysterious Kashubian “liberka” (pork meat with marjoram). All these are just a fraction of all the amazing goods available in Nordowi Mol.

If you fancy close encounters with Kashubian cuisine, head for Nordowi Mol!


Celbowo 27 A, 84-100 Puck

phone.: +48 58 673 20 02

e-mail: marketing@nordowimol.pl


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