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-Our most important goal is to promote the region and cultivate regional patriotism, in order to promote Kociewie Brewery as the landmark of our city and our magnificent region – say the owners of the brewery in Ren Hotel in Starogard Gdański.

Kociewie Brewery was founded in 2015. – We wanted our beer to strongly refer to tradition. By this we mean of course the centuries-long brewing tradition of the region – says Michał Chajewski from Kociewie Brewery.

The brewery is located in Ren Hotel in Starogard Gdański, and beer is made right in front of its guests. – Our guests can observe brewers in action. Those interested can be treated by the master brewer to wort, which is an additional attraction – says Michał Chajewski.

The offer includes three kinds of beer: Lager, Pils, and Wheat Beer. In addition, the menu includes one or two seasonal beers that represent different beer styles. These include Stouts or APAs.

Kociewski Pils is bitter, although the bitterness doesn’t linger very long. It pronouncedly tastes of hops, with herbal, floral, and grass aromas. The beer is astringent and refreshing. Kociewski Lager, on the other hand, presents us with quite distinct herbal bitterness, and refreshing sour taste. There is an excellent balance between bitterness and sweetness.

The brewers at Kociewie Brewery is Artur Wasilewski. He is responsible for the entire production process, from selecting ingredients, through preparing brewing batches, and overseeing the whole operation.

-All our beers are unapsteurised, and unfiltered. This is what determines high quality of beers produced in Kociewie Brewery – says Michał Chajewski.

The offer also includes snacks and dishes from the restaurant’s menu, which include the traditional Polish Żurek soup (sour rye soup) with egg, pork chop with potatoes and fried cabbage. In addition to Polish cuisine, the offer also includes Italy-inspired dishes. Local pizza is prepared only from Italian ingredients.

All the treats and beers can, of course, be tasted on the spot, straight from the vat or kitchen. Beer is also sold in kegs, and this offer is also extended to 10, 15, or 20-litre so-called “party kegs”.

Kociewie Brewery in Starogard Gdański Skarszewska 5, Starogard Gdański, Polska http://browarkociewski.pl/ restauracja@browarkociewski.pl + 48 58 530 84 41

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