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Regional cuisine, cider and traditional beer, together with a getaway in the nature. It is how your vacation in Poland may look like. The best way to find all these things is to visit Pomorskie.

 regional cuisine in Cafe Polskie Smaki restaurant in Sopot

Pomorskie is a region in northern Poland, consisting of several geographical regions: the vibrant Tri-city, famous Kaszuby and the lesser-known, but equally picturesque: Żuławy, Kociewie, and Powiśle.

It is said that the most beautiful sunsets are in Kaszuby. Just visit one of the thousands of Kashubian lakes, sit on a jetty, and take a deep breath. But the region is breathtaking not only at sunset. The entire region is like that. Gentle hills, green meadows, majestic forests, swift rivers, excellent cuisine. All this will accompany you while you rest.

Fish, or perhaps goose?

Restaurants with regional cuisine compete in serving more and more delicious delicacies. One of their favourite ingredients is fish. The traditional Baltic herring would be an excellent choice. We also recommend cod, flounder and turbot. And if you want to experience award-winning cuisine, go for goose meat. Most preferably, prepared sous-vide, according to a traditional recipe, with the addition of sour fruit.

 regional cuisine in Piwna 47 restaurant in Gdańsk

Aromatic bread and cheese in regional cuisine

Most good restaurants with regional cuisine in Pomorskie bake their own bread. It tastes best with home-made basil butter, flavoured olive oil, or regional cheese. Kashubian cheese is aromatic and melts in the mouth. Cheese with a drop of alcohol in it may come as a surprise to many. The “Drunken Goat” matures in a tincture haze smelling and tasting of the best Polish fruit. And if you prefer cow milk cheese, the best ones are in Nowy Klincz.

Beer, or perhaps cider?

As state the chronicles of the 19th century, every self-respecting inhabitant of the region drank about 120 litres of beer per year. Local brewing tradition goes back hundreds of years. Small breweries that offer their variation of the amber-coloured delight can be found, among others, in Bytów, Kościerzyna, and in Gościszewo, located in Powiśle sub-region. Every bottle of beer is a result of passion combined with old, brewing recipes.

And if you’d like to have a taste of Polish apple cider, the best place to go is a local cider manufacture in Otomin.

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