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– We have created our own beer manufacture in the centre of Sopot, the spa city. We aim to follow the best practices of Sopot brewing tradition (a brewery functioned in Sopot before WWII). We also try to live up to the legend of the famous Złoty Ul (Golden Hive) pub that used to occupy the spot we now do, in its time a meeting place of all kinds of people from Tricity – says Roman Kamiński, the co-owner of Browar Miejski Sopot (Sopot Brewery).

The brewery is located in the most representative part of Sopot, near the church of St. George, at Bohaterów Monte Cassino street. This place is both a brewery, and a restaurant.

-We produce different kinds of beer, depending on the season. In summer, we make wheat Ale, Pils, and the dark Brown Ale, as well as American Red, which is dedicated to beer geeks, as it is very bitter – says Roman Kamiński.

In winter comes the time for more potent beer. Porter, Stout, or the long-aged Russian Imperial are what you will find in the menu in winter. This year, the brewery is also going to offer beers that will be matured in wooden whisky and rum casks. All for the beer to receive some of the flavours of these magnificent alcohols.

Adam Żemetro and Artur Puszkarczuk, restaurant’s brewers, each day oversee the brewing process. The brewing facilities take up almost one third of the entire restaurant. Behind the bar in the main room there are two cooking pots, heart of the brewery. In the back of the room shine the vats. From the brewhouse, via tubes that go under the floor and above the ceiling, the wort flows towards the fermentation vats. There are six of them. It is here that different types of beer are produced. After a week, the pipes are used to pour the liquids into againg vats, where they stay are from two to five weeks, and sometimes even a couple of months.

Browar Miejski Sopot is also a restaurant. The menu consists of culinary inspirations from the local Pomeranian cuisine, but not only. There are classic pork chops or pork knuckles. Beer lovers order snacks made especially to extend the tasting experience. The head chef ensures the guests are treated to home-made freshly baked bread or home-made sausage.

The interior design is modern, but it also refers to the tradition of Złoty Ul, which was  here for many years and used to be one of the most popular meeting places in Sopot. We respect the tradition of Złoty Ul and its glory years. The façade has been changed to be associated with the former restaurant, known from the old days. As a student of the University of Gdansk, I used to visit quite often. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was one of the city’s showpieces – says Roman Kamiński.

Those interested in brewing can participate in beer workshops. These are available for both Polish and foreign groups. You can indulge in local beers sitting both inside the restaurant, as well as on a terrace overlooking the famous Bohaterów Monte Cassino street.. In total, the restaurant can accommodate up to 250 guests. In addition to the ground floor and the terrace, there is also a pub on the first floor.

It was designed to appeal to organisers of business meetings and sports enthusiasts, as sports events are transmitted regularly. There is also a bar on the first floor. Amber liquor served in Browar Miejski Sopot is not only popular among beer lovers, but is also appreciated in various beer competitions. The Pils won a bronze medal during the prestigious 2016 Craft Beers Competition. Gold medals in other competitions were awarded for cherry wheat beer and dark beer.

Browar Miejski Sopot Bohaterów Monte Cassino 35, 81-767 Sopot, Polska https://www.browarmiejskisopot.pl/ biuro@browarmiejskisopot.pl +48 58 342 02 42

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