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The inn run by the Bernaccy family is a unique place, not only because its location in the vicinity of the coast of the Baltic Sea, Słowiński National Park, or Gardno and Łebsko lakes. Its character has been shaped by its owners, open-minded aesthetes, who in the small town of Smołdzino have created true paradise.

A figure of Saint Francis of Assisi, carved in wood, welcomes guests at the entrance. And this is just the beginning of the art experience, as the place is full of sculptures and paintings. – It all started years ago with a visit from a group of young people. They barely had any money to buy something to drink. I made them something to eat, but told them that they had to paint something for me in exchange. From that time, these people are here every year. But not only them – this is how our art gallery came to be – says Danuta Bernacka.

The Inn comprises a guesthouse and a restaurant, as well as green recreational area. – We have been co-operating with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw for more than a decade now. The interiors of the guesthouse and restaurant rooms are decorated with works of several generations of painters, many of them true gems. Open-air painting workshops are also organised in the Inn, as well as international sculpting workshops – says Mrs. Bernacka.

The restaurant’s menu offers traditional Polish, as well as regional dishes. Guests are treated t o traditional game dishes, mostly boar and deer in different forms and shapes. Dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes of the Bernacki family that date back several generations. Loin of roe deer, hams marinated in herbs, vegetables, and meads, served on large wooden boards is an absolute must have. The pantry is full of home-made preserves, prepared meticulously all year round.

On the other hand, the menu offers broad selection of various sea and still water fish. These include fish from partner fishermen from the Baltic Sea coast, as well as treats from local reservoirs. The restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes, and yoga practitioners are frequent guests in the Inn.

The Inn offers 40 rooms, and family apartments. Each has been decorated in a different style, and their characters were shaped by visiting artists. The building is great for both individuals, as well as larger groups. It is ideal for organising big events, such as weddings, school trips, business meetings, etc.

Smołdzino neighbourhood is still a land uncharted by tourists. At the same time, it is rich and beautiful. – This is a region with huge potential. We have everything here: the sea, forest, river, a hill, and lakes – says Danuta Biernacka.

There are “moving dunes” in the nearby Czołpino, unique in the European scale, as well as a lighthouse. Local nature reserves, the open-air museum in Kluki, or the wide selection of water sports attractions at Gardno lake and Gardna Wielka pier are just some of the reasons to visit the Bernaccy family in their Inn.

Gościniec u Bernackich Bohaterów Warszawy 26, Smołdzino, Polska https://www.ubernackich.pl biuro@ubernackich.pl +48 505 113 131

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