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-It’s all about making our guests feel at home – says Mirosława Doring, owner of Dzika Chata (A Hut in the Wild) agritourism farm  And her actions speak louder than words. Guests are so delighted by this place, that they don’t want to leave.

Dzika Chata is simply a genuine hut in the wild, presenting itself majestically in the heart of Kashubian landscape. The hut was built by hand with logs by Daniel Doring, owner and initiator of the farm. Forester by profession, jack of all trades by nature, he constructed the house by himself, step by step,  all with his family in mind. He wanted to create something extraordinary for them. However, his wife persuaded him into sharing such a wonderful property to others.

-We started to rent the house to vacationers, among others, and it was a complete shock to us.  -There was a huge response to our offer – says Mirosława Doring.

What draws tourists to the Kashubian village of Nowy Barkoczyn? Everything around here is unique – the forests surrounding the village, the nearby lake, and the hut itself, which is really impressive. It was decorated to resemble a hunter’s cottage, with a lot of hunting trophies. Some of them are there not only for decorative reasons, like doorknobs or chandelier made from boar tusks. – It’s hand-made by my husband – says Mirosława Doring.

The hut can accommodate up to 12 people,  and visiting it is like entering a fairy tale world. Upon entrance, guests are treated to homemade liqueurs, made from different ingredients, including quince, blackcurrant, raspberries, or blackberries. And if the lady of the house brings freshly baked yeast cake for breakfast, roast wild boar or turkey for lunch, and smoked fish for dinner, you don’t want to leave this fairy tale at all.

There is a children’s playground and dry sauna made of red brick and wood, and the neighbourhood is full of scenic walking and cycling routes. Old-school sleigh rides are organised in winter.

Nearby attractions include Wdzydze Landscape Park, Wieżyca hill with its observation tower, the Upside Down House in Szymbark, the Necel Family Museum of Kashubian Ceramics in Chmielno, or the open-air museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie.

-In the evening, we sit around a bonfire, and throw wreaths into the lake. We want to create a friendly, familiar atmosphere, make our guests feel at home and relax. We’re happy to give ourselves to others, share our joy of everyday life – adds Mirosława Doring.


Agroturystyka Dzika Chata

Nowy Barkoczyn 87, Nowa Karczma

tel.: +48 58 688 20 94, +48 660 475 746

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