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There are places where technology is set aside and nature blooms. Where, instead of loud music, your senses will be soothed by the sound of breeze whistling among the trees and the chirping of crickets. Where the best live broadcast are farm animals minding their own business. This is Folwark Jackowo, an ecological farm in the Pomorskie voivodeship, open to anyone looking for authenticity and peace of mind.

Two women are running the show around here: Nicole Swiniarska and her mother, Anna Mazus. Both put their hearts to make this all work. They are almost always there to greet their guests, and are always discreetly there, creating the warm, cosy, familiar atmosphere of Folwark Jackowo.

Every interesting place has a compelling story to tell

In the past, the manor house was occupied by a laboratory, in which research was carried out on new kinds of potatoes. In the 1990s, Nicole’s parents took over the farm. The 1,500 hectares of land are still a farmland.  Nicole, on the other hand, decided to take a chance with EU funds and develop agritourism business.

– I’ve helped my parents on the farm for as long as I can remember. When I graduated to university to become a veterinarian, I had never imagined travelling all around the world. I only wanted to come back home. During my freshman year, my mother asked me if I wanted to help her with the agritourism and the farm, to which I said yes. I managed to promote the place with no advertising, using only the Internet and social media – says Nicole.

A greenhouse apartment and mindfulness area

In order to get most of your rest, it’s prudent to turn off your phone, or just simply limit its usage. The task is not an easy one, as there are plenty of spots that just ask for a photo. For example, the greenhouse apartment, which is very #instagramfriendly. Imagine waking up in a room that is integrated with a greenhouse, full of green vines and lush plants. The greenhouse itself is separated from the bedroom with a tall glass, through which you can admire the view. Spring and summer are the most beautiful, but autumn and winter also give this place a unique, little mysterious, ambience.

That’s not all. Next to the greenhouse, there are several minimally decorated rooms. The other part of the complex, called “Nicole’s Agritourism” (“Agroturystyka u Nicole”), there are several themed rooms: Scandinavian, Thai, Mexican, Marine, and Kashubian, which has a private terrace with an exit to the garden.

Another interesting concept is the “Powidoki” (“Afterimages” in English), which is a place devoted to mindfulness. It is part of the agritourism complex since 2014. It is a place for various themed workshops conducted by five extraordinary women. A perfect place to slow down a bit.

Horses, strolls, and excellent breakfasts

How do you spend time in Folwark Jackowo? You can have a slow breakfast, prepared from regional products by the local specialist, Magda. Or you can help your hosts with collecting eggs early in the morning. You can also pet goats or go horse riding. Or take a stroll along the beach, through the meadows and into the forest. The farm is located just five kilometres from the sea, so we recommend going on foot or taking cycling there. You won’t be needing a car.

The surrounding area is full of picturesque walking and cycling routes, regardless the direction you take. And if you’re lucky, you’ll bump into a family of deer that has been occupying the local grounds for generations. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, you will hear a hooting sound. Don’t worry, it’s just a friendly owl that has taken a liking to the window ledge and curiously peeks inside. Pure nature!

One thing is certain: you won’t get bored in Folwark Jackowo. It’s a genuine farm, with no pool or exclusive SPA. It offers something different, though: authenticity, peace of mind, and nature.

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