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The Tuchola Forest is the name of the national park and a famous tourist region. It is one of the largest pine forest complexes in Poland, often referred to as “Poland’s green lungs”. The region comprises not only unique natural characteristics, but also a unique melting pot of cultures. I have known this region for years, and after many years of travels I have gotten to appreciate its uniqueness, as I have yet to find another place like this in Poland.

The legend of three lakes

Oak trees have always been revered in Poland. In the past, they were the embodiment of pagan (Slavic) deities, but also main characters of numerous legends. To this day, they represent majesty and longevity. And majestic they are. The oak Bartuś is about 7 metres in circumference and 25 metres tall, a equivalent of a seven-story building. Its age is estimated at 600 years, and it is hard for me to imagine what it could have witnessed! The oak is located in the Bory Tucholskie National Park, near the Płęsno and Kacze Oko lakes, on Struga Siedmiu Jezior (the Seven Lakes Stream). You can easily get here by bike or on foot, as several hiking trails intersect here and one of the most famous holiday resorts in the area is located nearby. The National Park is home to many precious gifts of nature, but remember not to stray from the marked paths, so as not to damage anything.

The winterizing pack of hounds

The town of Swornegacie raises a smile because of its name, and many people wonder about its etymology. The word gacenie comes from the verb gacić, which meant to shield, cover with branches, dough or straw – winterize. In order to cross marshy areas, one had to build a dyke and gacenie it. Swora means either a braid woven from the roots of pine trees, or a pack of hounds or wolves. Looking at the landscape, everything becomes clear! There are many companies offering canoeing trips, both a few hours and several days. I had the opportunity to take part in such a trip and in terms of scenic views, these are some of the most picturesque routes in the country. It is worth visiting the Kashubian Folk Handicraft House (Kaszubski Dom Rękodzieła Ludowego) to learn about local handicrafts and buy real handicraft souvenirs.

Kashubian route in the woods

Warm autumn days are ideal for pleasant walks, kayaking or cycling. Activity enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the region’s opportunities. It is in the buffer zone, and partly in the Tuchola Forest National Park itself, that the Kashubian Trail is located. It is a picturesque route that crosses rivers, forests and lakes. The whole route is around 165 km long, of which 61 km are cycle paths. On the way there are educational boards and places to stop. After such an activity it is worth thinking about regeneration.

Ecological luxuries in The Tuchola Forest

Notera is the Kashubian word for nature. The name perfectly translates into what you can find in the hotel “Notera & SPA“. It is situated on Charzykowskie Lake, one of the largest in the country, famous for its excellent conditions for water sports. It is a four-star facility, which focuses on high comfort and ecological values. A swimming pool with a panoramic view of the lake, the only non-stress zone in Poland, awaits guests here! Thanks to places such as the floating pool or the hay and herb relaxation area, you can take your mind off your problems and relax.

The hotel has a restaurant “Las i Woda” (“Forest and Water”), which serves dishes connected with the region – the lake, river and forest, that is what the Tuchola Forest offers. Here you can enjoy excellent local cuisine at its best!  I love such traditional, good quality dishes served as if they were tiny pieces of art. It is definitely a place for those who enjoy game meat. And if you appreciate good quality, I recommend visiting a certain Kashubian manor house.

Genuine Forest Manor House Leśny Dwór in Sulęczyno (100 kilometers from The Tuchola Forest)

The origins of this place date back to the beginning of the 18th century, when the first part of the manor house was built. In the 19th century it was extended to the shape we can admire it in today. A dozen or so years ago, there was a forestry division here, today it is one of the best boutique hotels in Pomerania. There are 9 types of rooms and a beautiful ballroom. In the building next door a unique swimming pool with a view of the lake awaits the guests. The area around the buildings is as much as 2 hectares, leaving the manor house we have a fabulous view of Lake Węgorzyno and the well-kept park, currently full of chestnuts and golden autumn colours.

, to get pleasantly tired among film landscapes, and then to pamper the body and senses in an ecological spa or a gourmet restaurant.

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