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The forest is good for everything. That is why you should immerse yourself in it from time to time with all your senses. “Forest bathing” in Pomorskie is for everyone who wants to truly relax and renew their contact with nature.

Nature is like coming back home

The name “forest bathing” sounds intriguing. One would imagine a pond or a lake in the sun, in which you submerge despite goosebumps. And one wouldn’t be more wrong! Forest bathing has little to do with water, unless you consider morning dew. Bathing means experiencing the forest with all your senses, exploring its palette of colours, sounds, flavours, and scents. Forest therapy in the woods of Pomorskie is led by Marzena Żachowska, a certified tour of the Forest Therapy Institute.

“Sensual forest soothes our senses that, tired of being overstimulated, look for respite, balance, and integration. If you open yourself to the forest experience, and allow yourself to slow down, and enjoy it to the fullest, you will discover true relaxation. It will also make you come back to the nature, with which we have a beautiful, albeit forgotten bond. It’s a bit like coming back home. Surrounded by the forest, you can also explore yourself. Your thoughts will become more audible, you will see and feel more,” says Marzena Żachowska.

Breathe the forest!

A forest bath takes up from 2.5 to 4 hours. A guide walks you through the entire process, suggesting various activities. And although the most important in immersion is being here and now, and experiencing the forest with all of your heart and soul, the guide enriches the experience with breathing exercises, and elements of mindfulness.

“By immersing in the forest, you bathe in the wealth of the forest. The air is saturated with essential oils and phytoncides, i.e. substances that activate our immune system and have a strong virucidal and bactericidal effect. If you add ionised air, silence, and eye-soothing sunshine, you’ve found yourself a perfect place to heal,” says Marzena Żachowska.

A forest bath for children and adults

Both children and adults can immerse in the forest. Children will learn about the world by elements of sensory integration and nature education. Each time you come in contact with nature, even for a few minutes, is tremendously valuable. But, as the guide explains, only regular exposition to its resources will result in long-term improvement of health and  well-being.

“Forest baths are based on years of research, which received a lot of publicity thanks to Japanese scientists. The silence of the forest lowers or normalises blood pressure, positively affects the respiratory, immune, digestive and cardiovascular systems. It lowers stress hormone levels, and activates parts of your organism responsible for rest and regeneration. Forest baths help people with sleep problems. There is an improvement in the quality of sleep and its duration is extended. It has been proven that the number and activity of NK cells, which are involved in destroying cancer cells, increases. For me, however, the most important thing is the soothing effect of the forest on the “tired soul” of people suffering from depression, professional burnout, looking for a new path for themselves. Of course, nothing can replace contact with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, but during a forest bath, you get calmer and simply happier. In some countries, patients are given so-called ‘green prescriptions’, encouraging frequent contact with nature. It really works,” concludes Marzena Żachowska.

Forest baths take place in two spots: on the Elbląg Upland (Wysoczyzna Elbląska), and the “Vistula Spit” Landscape Park (Park Krajobrazowy “Mierzeja Wiślana”).

Leśne Zanurzenie

phone.: +48 506 358 308

e-mail: lesnezanurzenie@gmail.com


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