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Are you thirsty for a holiday by the sea? Try Cisowy Zakątek (The Yew Hideaway). It’s a complex comprising over a dozen simple, yet varied, delightful huts. In this dreamland you can laze all the time you want.

Cisowy Zakątek – it’s like a fairy tale

Sasino is a small Kashubian village by the sea, located near a wild beach. Instead of crowds, you’ll find peace and quiet. Cisowy Zakątek is a pretty picturesque spot, in which rhythm of the day is set by the rustling of  yew trees and gentle roar of the surf.

The uniqueness of the complex was appreciated, among others, by Dorota Szelągowska, a Polish TV celebrity, who devoted one episode of her TV programme to Cisowy Zakątek. Some guests in their reviews compare Cisowy Zakątek to the Moominvalley. Others attribute magical properties to it, and the owners themselves say it’s heaven, and a settlement of wonderfully laid back people. Do you need more?

“Cisowy Zakątek is surrounded by forest, so you can hear beautiful bird songs, see deer approach the houses and experience true silence. The beaches are deserted and clean, the sand as white as flour, and the smell of the pine forest and the mist over the peat bogs on the way to the sea are what makes this spot so wonderful. The wild sea, the wind in your hair, dancing on the beach and crimson sunsets – this is what I love about this place,” says Magdalena Pieniążek, the owner of Cisowy Zakątek.

Which one will you choose?

Cisowy Zakątek in Sasino comprises 15 unusual buildings with intriguing names and original interior design. In each of them you will find a sauna, a fireplace and a terrace. You can stay, for example, in the 10-person “Paprociak” (Fernhouse) with a view of the sea or in the “Love KROWE” (from the Polish word krowa cow), which was inspired by a spotted cow. These are but two examples. We have to admit that the owners didn’t lack creativity while designing the buildings. This guarantees that you will find a perfect house for yourself. Despite the unusual names and interior design, all the houses have simplicity and timeless elegance in common. There are random combinations, patterns or textures. The interiors are well thought-out and balanced, but with a touch of whimsy.

“The standard of our cottages is the same. In each of them we have a small fireplace, which creates an amazing atmosphere, especially on cold days. There is also a sauna for guests who prefer to keep their body heat. The houses are warm, so you can use them all year round. Do I have a favourite? I certainly have a fondness for “Kolorowy zawrót głowy” ( “Colourful Vertigo”), as I lived there for some time. It is best to take a “tour” of all the cottages to find your favourite,” Magdalena Pieniążek concludes.

Cisowy zakątek Stara Cegielnia 18, Sasino, Polska https://www.cisowyzakatek.pl rezerwacje@cisowyzakatek.pl +48 530 310 610

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