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Artistic holiday settlement Stara Baśń Wilcze Błota Kościerskie offers entertainment of two types. On the one hand, chill out in natural surroundings, with picturesque landscapes of Kociewie and Kaszuby borders. On the other, lots of attractions: painting, knitting, cooking, or furniture restoration. There is so much to do here that there is not time to be bored.

Stara Baśń settlement was founded where a farm used to be located. Where now there are holiday rooms, a wooden barn used to stand. Since the farm was in terrible condition, the owners decided to take it apart. In its place, they built agritourism facilities.

Stara Baśń offers five rooms, including a two-room apartment. Each has a bathroom and a kitchenette. This allows for preparing your own meals, although the lady of the house encourages collective celebration of breakfasts and dinner. It’s hard to say no to Urszula Zimorska, who for breakfast scrambles eggs straight from the pan. For dinner, you can get trout, smoked several hours before, and bread that is still warm after being taken out of the oven.

-Our guests can bake their own bread if they want to. We have an oven that can hold up to 18 trays. And if our neighbour makes fresh butter… This warm bread and fresh butter… it’s simply delicious – smiles Urszula Zimorska, the owner.

Besides, guests who want to, don’t have to “get in on the act” , so to speak. The owner encourages preparing meals together, which is also great fun for the youngest ones. Frying pancakes, or making dumplings (pierogi) is one of the attractions at Stara Basń.

Speaking of attractions prepared by Urszula and Janusz Zimorscy for their guests, their number can surprise. The selection is broad and you can tell that nothing is impossible at Stara Baśń.

-In winter, we mainly promote artistic and culinary workshops. Painting workshops are led by me – says Urszula Zimorska. – People who would like to learn painting, and haven’t held a brush in their lives, will also find themselves here – she adds and encourages visit to the gallery that is located within premises.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stara Baśń also allows to master furniture renovation and ornamentation, painting on glass, sculpting, and pottery. There are plenty of opportunities, such as participation in open-air sculpting and painting workshops. You can also learn knitting by making, for example, your own curtains. Workshops are organised for both groups and individual clients.

Those interested in culinary arts can show off in the kitchen. – We make dumplings (pierogi) stuffed with chanterelle mushrooms, cabbage and mushrooms, strawberries, raspberries, or potatoes, cottage cheese, and onion. We also make pancakes and crepes. We strongly encourage our youngest guests to give it a try. We are members of the Polish Association of Educational Farms (Ogólnopolska Sieć Zagród Edukacyjnych). Our theme is herbs in nature and arts – explains Urszula Zimorska.

Both children and adults learn to recognise various herbs in the small herbal garden. Afterwards, they stand in front of a canvas and try to turn what they saw into art.

Herbs are ingredients of various products, such as honey or healthy tea. Wild peppermint is perfect for making an infusion that will quench your thirst during hot, summer days.

Stara Baśń also offers a place to light up a grill and relax in natural surroundings. Long evenings are accompanied by music from an old record player, which has a special place here.

Osada Stara Baśń Wilcze Błota Kościerskie 19, Polska https://agroturystukakaszuby.business.site/ ulazula200@gmail.com +48 602 615 279

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