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Zagroda Śledziowa (The Herring Farm) is located in a picturesque part of the Checkered-House Land, just 10 kilometres from the Baltic Sea and the beaches of Ustka. Here, you will not only have the opportunity to try various types of delicious Baltic herring, but also take a tour of the unique Herring Museum, and relax in the confines of the atmospheric guesthouse.

-The Herring Farm was created to liven up the neighbourhood – explains Maciej Kierys, owner of the farm. – It was just several people, who knew one another and loved herring, deciding to do something together. Some of us catch the fish, some process them, and others – know everything about them. And we all love to eat them – he says.

The Herring Farm is mostly about the Herring Museum. It is a place that will tell you everything about this delicious, healthy, and popular Baltic fish. The museum is located in Starkowo, in a building that dates back to the 19th century. Barn, cowshed, and the gate building was built in the style that was typical in this region, formerly inhabited by numerous Prussians. The museum not only tells everything about herring, but also allows you to learn what nets were used to catch them, and how the fish were stored. The owners aimed at exploring the history of families inhabiting the village, and their customs. This is why traditional recipes for bread, smoked fish, or fruit preserves were implemented. There is a tasting of all the local delicacies after the museum tour.

-And if you’ve eaten enough, you can rest in our guesthouse – invites Maciej Kierys. – We want to make our guests feel comfortable and experience countryside life, its true atmosphere. I think we deliver. You can lie on the grass, eat an apple, or visit the museum – he says.

The guesthouse’s interior is a reference to the house of the Prussian family Hofmeister, who used to live in the neighbourhood until 1945. It is mostly old, historical furniture combined with newer elements; comfortable and functional, yet not standing out from the rest of the décor. The guesthouse comprises apartments of around 50 square metres with bathrooms, and a shared kitchen whose purpose is to integrate guests. This is the central point of the house.

In the morning, the host serves breakfast to his guests. Breakfasts are always full of natural, ecological products from the house garden, and from partner farmers. There are also, of course, herrings – served in different ways: Polish, Kashubian, Scandinavian, Dutch, German, or Russian styles.

The Herring Farm is a meeting place for individuals and organised groups. The facility includes a banquet room for 20 people. The place is also famous for tastings of home-made products that take place outdoors.

There is a cycling route nearby, which runs along a former railway embankment. It is interesting, as it will surely satisfy seasoned cyclists, as well as families with children. Our guesthouse is located on the edge of the village in romantic, countryside surroundings. It gives our guests the possibility to relax in peaceful and quiet atmosphere, or meet with friends for a barbecue and an evening party – say the owners.

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