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What can emerge from a combination of wood and light? Light of Forest workshop and store, in Pelplin, produces beautiful wooden products like lamps, candlesticks and brand decorations of the brand which are pleasing to the eye and, above all, are made by hand, which gives them a unique character.

Light of Forest

Light of Forest is a brand created from love of the forest. And although the main company slogan of the company is that “nature is the greatest artist here”, there is also another very important figure, Zofia Nowakowska, behind the concept. She is the creator of the brand, as she proudly emphasizes, and has lived in a forest for as long as she remembers. Her father is a retired forester, and her mother draws maps of the forest. She was born in a forester’s lodge. The forest presents so many faces to her – it is her home, her passion and her everyday work.

“I am a child of the forest”, she says. “I did not have neighbors, so my friends were trees, and my backyard was our forest. My father planted an oak on the day I was born, and it is growing near the house. When I look at it, I am humbled. It’s now almost a forty-year-old tree, but still so small. Yet in its huge boughs birds will be able to build nests for many more years, even many centuries. It has taught me respect for every piece of wood that falls into my palms.”

Light of Forest – the second life of wood

The second life of wood – Pomorskie wooden products

A cut or felled tree can be used, for example, as fuel. Zofia Nowakowska sees in it another value – the possibility of having a second life. A tree which once was a pride of the forest can become a source of pride in our homes.

“Sometimes the wood I work with is not even suitable for fuel, and I see great possibilities in it. In every piece of wood there is the enchanting power of nature”, says Zosia.

The texture of each piece of wood is unique, and there are no two identical pieces. Knots and natural grooves can provide inspiration. Zosia’s task is to notice each facet and vein and expose them accordingly, to create unique lamps, candlesticks and other interior decorations, each of which remind us of the forest through their form.

“I work mainly with deciduous wood, most often with ash, beech and oak”, she adds, “but sometimes someone will call me about an old apple or nut tree which is available. Then I’m running! Fruit trees have an amazing palette of colors and often unusual graining. These are true natural wonders.”

Working with wood, although it is a very grateful material, is not easy. The creative process is very time-consuming. First you need to find a unique piece, and then season it. This means that the wood must be dried, a process which may take up to several years.

“When the wood is finally dry, I can get the bark off it and see what Mother Nature has been doing”, says Zosia. “Sometimes there is too much degradation of wood and I cannot process it further. I have learned to accept this with humility.”

Creation process of Light of Forest

When a dried piece is suitable for further work, it goes to a professional thermal drying room where, by subjecting it to high temperatures, any residual pests are removed. Later, the first touches are carried out using a machine, and then the most important creative process, i.e. long-term manual processing.

Light is life

Light of Forest was created as a result of a love not only of nature, but also of light. Items that can be bought in the store will bring home the warmth of a home fire. The shimmering light emphasizes the natural sculpture of the wood, creating a unique object.

“I love the combination of wood and light”, says Zosia. “It’s probably born from our lifestyle. My most pleasant memories of get-togethers and meals have always involved an open fire. I could stare at the heat for hours, and the pleasant warmth calmed me down and put me in a wonderful mood. I have always had a great regret, however, that fire burns this beautiful wood and finally delivers only ashes. My lamps and candlesticks are a solution which can transmit the warmth of a fire to our homes and create a magical atmosphere with their splendour.”

Handicraft from Light of Forest

Products from Light of Forest can be ordered online (shipping abroad is also possible), but it is best to come to Pelplin personally. To see, touch, smell and hopefully fall in love with our products. And over coffee or tea, to listen to Zosia’s stories about the forest …


Ropuchy 17, 83-130 Pelplin

phone. + 48 794 621 357

e-mail: sklep@lightofforest.pl


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