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A multi-generational home, small and cosy, yet impressive. Dwór Role is located in a picturesque village in Bytów Lake District. It is a place that combines the countryside idyll with a homely atmosphere, and a refined history. Here, you can breathe in the air of a 19th century court.

Dwór Role

Joanna Rejniak, owner of Dwór Role, renovated the lovely manor, with pauses, for a decade. She wanted to create a place that would be open to people, and that would be associated with the countryside idyll. A place in which one can relax away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

All the hard work has paid off, and today Dwór Role is one of the most picturesque locations in the Pomorskie region.

Interior of Dwór Role

Originally, the building belonged to the Pomorskie family of von Puttkamer. After the war, the manor served different functions, and later slowly deteriorated, before it ended up with the current owner.

Enchanted by its architecture, surrounding nature and the park, Joanna Rejniak decided to create a place she had always wanted to live in. With the assistance of art historians, she managed to restore the manor to its former glory, at the same time providing it with a modern touch. Wood, white paint and brick are the main characters here.

Five rooms in Dwór Role comprise meticulously collected pieces of furniture. Decorative armchairs, heavy curtains, lamps and large beds that guarantee a peaceful sleep. Each room is different, each one contains different antiques, and meticulously restored details.

-I wanted to create an open house. I try to treat guests as if they were my own family – says Joanna Rejniak, owner of Dwór Role.

Kitchen Dwór Role

The kitchen in Dwór Role is a different story, with a magnificent stove and dressers playing the main roles in the decor. -The kitchen is located in the manor’s basement. Its large windows and brick walls give the entire room a unique vibe. Guests love to spend their time here and mingle. A seven-metre long, wooden dining table is perfect for this. Guests make contact, and friendships are forged. For me, this is the best reward – says Joanna Rejniak.

Every morning, guests meet in the kitchen to eat a sumptuous breakfast together. Homemade meats and cold cuts, hot pancakes, and delicious eggs from happy hens from the neighbourhood – all on one table.

After a rich breakfast, guests occupy benches in the neighbouring park. Located in a grove, they are a perfect spot for reading books or contemplation. Strollers wander around the park that surrounds the manor for over six hectares. They peek into the apple orchard and dive with their eyes into the depths of waters of the local pond.

-This is what I had in mind. To create a place suitable for leisure. Here, in the middle of the countryside, you will find peace and quiet. It turns out that guests do not seek additional attractions. Coming here, they desire idyllic surroundings and I provide this. During the day, they read books, ride bicycles, run, chill in hammocks, and stroll around the park. And in the evenings, they sip wine on the terrace – says Joanna Rejniak.

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