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The Amber Route used to run through Pruszcz Gdański from the 1st to 5th centuries CE, when a trading post was located within the present-day city limits. According to archaeological finds, this ancient stronghold was the northernmost tip of the Amber Route as one of the most important trading centres by the Baltic Sea. The reconstruction of the Trading Post (Faktoria) and the International Amber Route from the time of the Roman influence is a unique countrywide tourism and archaeology project. Faktoria includes a museum exhibition—the Chieftain’s Hut with a museum exhibition and the Market Hall, a place to see live archaeology in action. The reconstructions of the Amber Jeweller’s Hut and the Blacksmith’s Hut have been conceived as a combination of modern technology with a plethora of archaeological artefacts and the beauty of amber exhibits. The result is an extremely interesting facility that lets you both relax and learn about everyday life 2000 years ago.


Zastawna, Pruszcz Gdański

phone.: + 48 601 830 590

e-mail: biuro@faktoria-pruszcz.pl


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