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Apart from crafting amber and silver jewellery, Eryk Popkiewicz is involved in the reconstruction and styling of medieval workshop tools and ornaments and runs classes on amber crafting (experimental archaeology). He organizes a variety of demonstrations, including on Amber working techniques and tool replicas from the early Middle Ages and the period of Roman influence. At the demonstrations, you can view the reproductions of amber ornaments from the said periods, learn about their origin, and about the material and spiritual value they used to have for the people of the past. This demonstration takes about 2 hours and costs PLN 1,000.

After sundown, there is another attraction: an Amber Fireshow with flammable amber powder. It lasts about 20 minutes and costs PLN 1,000. It uses a technique of burning amber dust, which is thrown into the air and, in combination with the flames, looks like 1.5 m diameter fireballs in motion.


Place: Mikoszewo (or any place agreed upon in advance)

Phone. 509 461 625

e-mail: erykpo@wp.pl


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