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We’ve always encouraged conscious shopping. Most preferably, from local designers. It’s better to invest in one piece of clothing and take care of it so it lasts for years, instead of buying several new items that won’t stand the test of time. We’ve been asking around for new stuff that the designers in Pomorskie have been preparing for us in the upcoming year.

Kalska — bold kimono designs from Gdynia take on New York

We’ve already covered Kalska’s bold kimono designs in Pomorskie Prestige magazine. Her designs are diverse, and a perfect fit for women who like to stand out in the crowd. A rich palette of colours, along with varying patterns and textures, guarantee that most of us will find their dream kimono. You’ll find stylish designs, New Year’s Eve-ready kimonos, and even more extravagant ones. There is no time for boredom here. Anyway, what’s new with Kalska? Her catchphrase for 2022 is “Kalska takes on New York”. And not just anywhere, but Broadway itself. We’re always happy to see local designers become internationally recognised.

“We create new designs virtually every day, both for kimonos, our flagship product, and other items in our women’s collection. This year, we’re beginning our New York adventure. Our products will be available in March, both on-line and on-site. This has become an excellent opportunity to create loads of new designs. As always, they will be rich in colour, design, and gloss. My clients always have to stand out in the crowd, and this is what I think of while designing,” says Karolina Kalska, the brand’s owner.

We can only wish all the best to Kalska, both in Poland and around the world. We also encourage you to take a look at the current collection, available on the official website. You should also drop by the boutique, which is located in Gdynia’s Sea Towers building (ul. Hryniewickiego 6/11).

Mana Mana – design your own bag

Bags, bumbags, and backpacks from Mana Mana are so pretty, you almost want to eat them. Add to this the possibility of creating your own, personalised design, and you might be looking at a perfect brand. The owner and creative spirit behind Mana Mana is Marcelina Rozmus-Prinz. Her Gdynia-based workshop (ul. 3 Maja 20) offers one of ready-made bag designs. The collection is also available on the  brand’s official website.

“We are a hybrid brand, meaning we offer both on-line and on-site services. Apart from this, we also allow our Clients to create their own “collections”. This has been made possible thanks to our on-line “bag design tool”, which can be found on our website,” says Marcelina Rozmus-Prinz, the owner of Mana Mana brand.

What’s new for Mana Mana in 2022? As the owner puts it – even more colours, and even more new patterns.  What’s more, the bag design tool lets you decide the direction the new collection will go in. Feel invited to create new trends on the streets of Poland. The Mana Mana on-line bag designing tool will help you with this.

Looks by Luks – stylish turbans for children and adults

Looks by Luks is a local brand, and the only one in Poland that offers hand-knit turbans and headbands for mothers and daughters. Looks by Luks designs are inspired by nature in every aspect. Looks by Luks lets you decorate your head with the colours of earth or sky, as well as vibrant shades of green and some fruity hues. We should also mention that all the items are made in Poland, from high-quality, ecological fabric.

The creative spirit behind the brand is Sylwia Luks. When she was 5 months pregnant, she was on a trip to Mexico. There, in one of the restaurants, she saw a girl in a cute turban. This accidental encounter was the beginning of Looks by Luks. What can you expect from the latest collection? The owner assures that she has many new and surprising products in store.

“The summer campaign will, in a sense, be a follow-up to the autumn-winter one, ‘Origin‘. Its theme will be power, but not one coming from the depths of the Earth, but from within ourselves. Our photoshoot will most probably take place in Mexico, so its main theme will be related. Moreover, we will show designs for kimonos that will use new types of fabric, and also expand the collection to include trousers, shorts, and linen tops.  We will also introduce several new dresses. There won’t be time for boredom,” said Sylwia Luks.

Everydayofficial – evergreen premium classics

Everydayofficial is a tribute to timeless classic and elegance. Simple cuts and patters, as well as top-quality fabrics: silk, wool, lyocell, and soft viscose all add up to the brand’s message. Everydayofficial offers premium merchandise at reasonable prices. You can take a look at the collection personally, in their boutique in Gdynia (ul J. Kilińskiego 3), or by visiting  the brand’s official website.

What should you expect in the upcoming year from Everydayofficial’s owners, Agata and Joanna? The brand has, like in previous years, decided to highlight femininity. All the brand’s signature merchandise will be there: suits and jackets, along with fine fabrics, and perfectly selected linings and buttons. Everything will be sewed in Poland, in small, family-run sewing factories. The brand owners also let us in on a secret: they are getting ready to begin a collaboration with a renowned designer.

“This year, we will shift our focus even more towrads limited editions. Apart from plain and printed fabrics, we will have some that will have a pronounced texture, which is something completely new for us. We’ve planned out two lines: BASIC, which will include classics that our Clients have already grown accustomed to, and the more lavish PREMIUM line. Another surprise is our collaboration with the renowned designer, Paulina Jagiełło, author of the Anna Purna brand. She will bring new patterns into our collection, as well as new merchandise, including gorgeous kimonos. We called the collection “traditionally cinematic”, and it will be inspired by roles of a famous French actress, whose name we cannot reveal yet,” said Agata Ślazyk.

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