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They say the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. There is no reason we shouldn’t believe it, so we strongly encourage you to spend Valentine’s Day not only with your loved one, but also with some delicious food. We’ve asked around in local restaurants about their Valentine’s Day menu.

Food stimulates our senses. Beautifully served dishes, delicious smells, the clink of cutlery hitting the plate, all in a romantic, dim candle light. It encourages intimate conversations and is an excellent intro to the rest of the evening. A Valentine’s Day dinner sets the expectation bar a bit higher than your usual “dinner/supper night out”. You expect a feast, paired with aphrodisiacs, and a bit of magic. To meet the expectations of lovers is a true challenge for head chefs.  What specialties did they come up with this year for Valentine’s Day?

Oberża 86 – guinea fowl with potato dumplings and chocolate

Oberża 86 is a restaurant in the heart of Gdynia, located on Starowiejska 30 street. The restaurant is located in the historical Abraham’s House, and specialises in meat dishes, seafood, and exceptional wine, combining Polish, Kashubian, and French cuisines.

The owner and head chef of Oberża 86, Piotr Ciomek, has prepared a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s supper full of meat, seafood, fresh vegetables, and chocolate. All in a romantic setting, with professional waiting staff and carefully selected wine list.

As a starter, you will have roasted aubergine mousse. Hot cream of cauliflower soup with roasted onion will follow. There are two main courses to choose from: pasta with shrimps and leek in a buttery sauce, or guinea fowl breast with potato dumplings, with chestnut mushrooms and mustard sauce. And for the finale, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a chocolate cake with ice-cream and raspberry sauce. Sounds delicious!

Słona Woda – truffles, seafood, top-quality beef and vegetarian ratatouille.

Słona Woda is a restaurant in Testa Hotel. It is located in Sopot, but not in the centre of town, but a bit off the beaten track. This offers an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a resort town, and at the same time enjoy some peace and quiet. So, after a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, you can take a long, romantic stroll along the beach, or just in 15 minutes reach the notorious Bohaterów Monte Cassino street, where you can continue the party.

In this year’s Valentine’s Day menu, Słona Woda once again delivers intriguing food pairs, and interesting plot twists. The supper will begin with sweet amous bouche – chocolate-coated truffles. As an appetizer for the lovebirds, the head chef has prepared carpaccio of premium beef loin, bresaola punta d’anca. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to sample the famous Russian fish soup – ucha, served with sturgeon. Next, you’ll surely enjoy veal loin with aromatic sides. If you’re vegetarian, the restaurant has also something for you: summer squash stuffed with ratatouille. Dinner will end with yeast blini with raspberries and dog rose petal jam. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

– Dishes made from seafood, such as the Russian ucha soup with sturgeon, are filled to the brim with aphrodisiacs. And this is something that we expect on Valentine’s Day. Carpaccio di Bresaola on the other hand is an elegant dish. It enhances the taste of wine. And after all, wine is more than welcome on such a day. Our dessert draws from all the specialties prepared by grandparents for their beloved grandchildren, or parents for their own kids to sweeten up their life. I don’t have to remind you of how sensual chocolate truffles are… – says Piotr Strzelczyk, the head chef of Słona Woda restaurant. 

Lazurowa – a romantic supper for meat lovers and vegetarians on Valentine’s Day

Lazurowa Restaurant is part of the Szafir Hotel, located right by the sea in Jastrzębia Góra. The elegant interiors serve European, Polish, and Kashubian cuisines. When going to Jastrzębia Góra for dinner, you should stay there for the whole weekend, preferably in the Szafir Hotel, which offers some great Valentine’s Day deals. And what can lovers expect on their plates?

Supper has been prepared with everyone in mind – both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Starting with soup, you can choose between miso with shrimps, or cream of tomato and roasted pepper soup. There are three different main courses to choose from: cod loin with pea puree and sweet potato gratin, pork loin with parsnip, chilli dijon sauce, and buttery leek and carrots. For vegetarians, there is risotto with cauliflower, peas, and white chocolate. And for dessert? Pate choux with halvah cream and salty caramel, or chocolate fondant with forest fruit and vanilla ice-cream. And all this with excellent wine. A shout out to Lazurowa restaurant for preparing all dishes in meat and vegetarian options!

Gvara – goose, deer, and Belgian chocolate mousse on Valentine’s Day

You will find Gvara restaurant in the heart of Gdańsk. Surrounded by lovely townhouses, near the St. Mary’s Basilica, you will have the chance to sample traditional Polish cuisine with a modern twist. The celebration of love will begin in Gvara on the 11th of February, and will continue until the 14th. All with the accompaniment of live music and a strong, sensual singing voice of Tomasz Frydrych.

– Dishes in our Valentine’s Day menu contain parts of Polish and European cuisines, with a slight note of aphrodisiacs, “smuggled” subtly into the food. For dessert, you will be treated to sweet Belgian chocolate with raspberries – says Piotr Wasilewski, the head chef of Gvara.

What’s in the Valentine’s Day special menu? Two starters to choose from: salmon steak tartare with capers and roasted bell pepper, or goose steak tartare with tarragon and pickled cucumber. The main course also comes in two varieties. You can pick either risotto with shrimps and green peas, or deer ragout aromatised with juniper and rosemary, with traditional Polish potato dumplings. Dessert is a true symphony of flavours: Belgian chocolate mousse with raspberry foam and sunflower crumble.

Corrèze – game, shrimps, and a chocolate dessert

If you’re looking for French cuisine with Mediterranean accents, you should visit Corrèze restaurant. The venue is located in a picturesque part of Gdańsk, near the Motława river. So, this is a perfect opportunity to take a stroll around the lovely part of Gdańsk after the meal. What awaits you in the one-and-only menu?

– I have prepared some French classics with a Mediterranean twist. These include cream of leek soup, shrimps with white chocolate, game meat, and sea bass. The chocolate dessert I have is strongly associated with love. There is no shortage of natural aphrodisiacs in our dishes. Every dish will be paired with a proper wine – says Sebastian Klamka, the head chef of Corrèze.

Between February 11 and 14, Corrèze restaurant will roll out their special, Valentine’s Day menu: cream of celery soup with hazelnuts, pears, and smoked sour cream, shrimps with passion fruit, white chocolate, and wine, and two main courses to choose from – sea bass with tarragon potato dumplings or beef cheeks with wild boar loin. For dessert, you will enjoy chocolate parfait. You also have the option to pick a vegetarian menu as well as decide on supplementing the supper with an excellent wine pairing.

The restaurants of Pomorskie are all set for Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to check out full menus, visit the website of the restaurant of your choice.

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