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A window to the world, gourmet’s paradise, to which customers from all around Poland have always flocked. It guarantees top quality and freshness of products.  It’s a place that always allowed to purchase fruit and vegetables straight from local farmers, citrus fruit that came into Gdynia’s harbour on board of enormous transport ships, or the much-desired Western sweet treats, as well as meat from top butchers. But, most of all, the Market Hall was always a steady supply of fish straight from regional fishermen. The City Market Hall in Gdynia is a place that has the merchant spirit lingering in the air continuously since the 1980s.

A little bit of the history of The City Market in Gdynia

The City Market Hall located at Wójta Radtkego street is, in reality, a complex of several buildings, whose tradition dates back to the 1930s.   Created according to a project by Jerzy Muller and Stefan Reychman, the complex is considered one of the few examples of constructivism in Polish architecture. Originally, the complex comprised a fruit and vegetable hall, meat hall, and a separate fish hall.

Fish from all parts of the world

The fish hall is the pride of the entire complex,  as well as pride of Gdynia. Here, you will find fresh fish from the Baltic Sea, as well as the surrounding freshwater reservoirs. The rich selection of fish include Baltic salmon, pike-perch straight from the Bay of Gdańsk, trout, flouder, cod, or herrings, the true delicacies of the Baltic Sea. The offer also includes European whitefish, carp, pike, perch, or eel from local lakes and rivers. Also, once a week there is a delivery straight from Berlin of fresh, exotic fish from the Mediterranean Sea basin, as well as a variety of seafood. But that is not all. As the manager of the Market Hall says: – Once a week, there is a fresh supply of seafood straight from Croatia, delivered by a night plane, which disappear from the stands within two, three hours.

In search of freshness

Traders obtain their products directly from fishermen, from Oksywie, Orłowo, or other parts of the  voivodeship: the Hel Peninsula, Władysławowo, and neighbouring towns. Fishermen cast their nets every day at dawn to make sure fish are on the shore early in the morning. Traders from the Market Hall purchase and transport them to their stands, to treat their demanding customers.

Who buys fish at the famous Market Hall in Gdynia? They are mainly residents of Tri-City and neighbouring cities and towns. There are also customers from further parts of the region, like Kashubia. Kashubians appreciate the high quality of products, and this compels them to travelling several dozen kilometres just to purchase a fresh fish. Restaurateurs and tavern owners also supply their establishments there. They have their favourite traders, closely co-operating with them and buying literally tons of fish.

Not only a trade

The City Market Hall in Gdynia is part of the great history of a rapidly developing city, and part of trading’s best tradition. Those interested in these aspects of functioning of the Market Hall, can participate in special walks organised several times a year. Tour guides include passionates of the city of Gdynia, people associated with the complex, as well as gastronomes. Culinary shows are often organised here to please the customers. The Market Hall hosted many famous Polish culinary masters, who treated customers to their delicacies.

Experience and high quality

Customers appreciate not only the quality of products available at the Hall, but also the knowledge and experience of the traders. Some of them tied their lives and their life’s work to this place! Some of the stands here are businesses ran by families from generation to generation. One of them, Jacek Adamski, has been running his fish business here for more than 30 years, and he is bound to set a record. He argues that without experienced traders, the fish hall wouldn’t have its soul and its undeniable quality.


Miejskie Hale Targowe w Gdyni

ul.Wójta Radtkego 36/40


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