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It all started with an attraction. First, there were pottery workshops, then first, avocational attempts. When in 2015, during Gdynia Design Days, they presented their works, the interest was incredible. They then didn’t have any doubts: their own tile manufacture was going to be a bull’s eye. This is how the Manufacture of Mr and Mrs Hersztek was born.

Mansion, farm buildings, wooden granary, and a ceramic tiles manufacture – this is how the property of Hersztek family, located in Nowa Kościelnica in Żuławy, presents itself.

This is where Krzysztof Hersztek finds his peace and inspiration for creating his pieces of art. This is what ceramic tiles are – one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

-Although they are created in a series, each tile is different, each is marked with the work of human hands. This is what makes our products different from mass produced ones. They are unique. Each one bears a mark of its creator – says Krzystof Hersztek, owner of Manufaktura Hersztek.

The ceramic tiles manufacture officially started in June, 2016. Before that, ceramics was just a hobby. Now, it is an idea for life and a source of income.

-We create hexagons, squares, rectangles, etc. Small, large, hand-painted, as well as decors. There are wall tiles, floor tiles, as well as typically decorative. Such as fireplace cladding. We have virtually no limits, and our offer is broad, both in ornaments and in colours -says Krzysztof Hersztek.

Manufaktura Hersztek produces not only ornaments designed by the owners, but also tailor-made, for individual clients, architects, and interior designers. Krzysztof Hersztek also specialises in tile renovation, which is an extremely difficult and time-consuming task. The effects of his work can be seen, among other places, in Central Hotel in Gdańsk.

The multi-colour, and multi-shape offer doesn’t lack reference to the traditional Żuławy tiles (flizy żuławskie). The characteristic windmills are painted on them using cobalt.

All tiles are fired in a modern kiln, but the firing method is the same as it used to be for years. The base is raw clay with no additives. The clay is batched, mixed, grinded, formed and then dried – even for several weeks. First firing can then take place, in a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius. Then the product is glazed and goes back into a kiln.

-Ceramic is always a great unknown. Sometimes, the effects of our work can surprise us, but this is what makes tile manufacturing unique. Each tile is meticulously hand-made, and its creator puts his heart in it. It is time-consuming, but worth its price – says Krzysztof Hersztek.

When travelling across Żuławy region, make sure you visit Manufaktura Hersztek. Here, classic design is combined with modern design and ceramics, an ancient art form, is given a modern face.

Manufaktura Hersztek Nowa Kościelnica 3, Polska https://hersztek.pl/ hersztek@op.pl +48 501 447 784

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