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Edible flowers and petals, sprouts, herbs and spices, vegetables, salads and decorative leaves…Zofia Lawenda’s garden is full of nature’s gifts. Several years ago Zofia Zienkiewicz, affectionately known among her customers as Zofia Lawenda (Lavender Sophie), spotted a niche in the market and decided to fill it. She began cultivating edible flowers, herbs and spices, and salads. Today, Ogrodnictwo Lawenda supplies the best chefs, who cannot imagine serving their dishes without the colourful, floral ornaments.

-I always loved nature. Working in the garden, among plants, was something of a mystery. This, in turn, motivated me to discover new, interesting things. You plant seeds, and after a while something grows out from the ground, blooms. Working out how this works, showing how rich nature is, is all the fun to it. It’s not only that plants look beautiful. If we combine them with food, delicious combinations come out of it. This is why I came up with the idea of growing edible flowers, herbs, and salads. They make up edible decorations – says Zofia Zienkiewicz, owner of Ogrodnictwo Lawenda.

The main product of Ogrodnictwo Lawenda is edible flowers. The offer includes such species as nasturtium, begonia, tagetes, dahlia, marigold, and of course lavender. This is only a fraction of what Ogrodnictwo Lawenda has to offer. Mrs Zienkiewicz also grows herbs, such as rosemary, multicoloured sage, bay leaves, lemon verbena, terragon, or melissa. There is also a selection of salads, including butter salad, rocket salad, or romaine lettuce. Amaranth, geranium, or clover leaves make plates look astonishing.

This is how you could sum up Zofia Zienkiewicz’s goal: to make plates and tables more beautiful. But, as she points out, there’s something else…

-My garden is not only about cultivation. It’s also a place where people can relax. I can see different colours from my window. People who visit my say that my garden makes them feel just wonderful. It’s both an idea for a job, and for life. There’s nothing more to ask from life – says Zofia Zienkiewicz, smiling.

Ogrodnictwo Lawenda stretches for more than 100 hectares, where cultivated plants thrive in peace, quite, and harmony with nature. Since not all of them can be planted there, the owner co-operates with small farms throughout the region which supply particular species of plants.

As Zofia Zienkiewicz puts it: – We’ve always believed in what we’re doing. Hard work, constant development, and perfecting our working methods, together with increasing our supplies allows us to continue working and giving our best. Our offer comprises of more than 200 different products.

What’s interesting, you don’t have to travel far to visit Ogrodnictwo Lawenda. The garden is located in Gdańsk, a bit away from the city centre, where plants can peacefully enjoy the sun.

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