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– We sew unconventional, tailor-made bags. This means that our client becomes a designer – says Marcelina Rozmus-Prinz, owner of the Gdynia-based Mana Mana bag design workshop. There’s no place for boredom, predictability, or clichés. Mana Mana bags are top-shelf individualism and functionality, combined.

-The offer includes many models of my design, but each one can be freely modified – says Marcelina Rozmus-Prinz. – Our greatest asset, however, is not the fact that our bags are tailor-made to suit our clients’ needs, but the fact that they are so meticulously and well sewn. But that is not everything. I always cared most about enchanting my clients, not only with my products, but also service, excellent approach to people, and tending to any, even most unorthodox, desire.

The final effect is very often a huge surprise. It’s like going back in time to your childhood to open a Christmas present. Bags with the logo of Mana Mana are very often personalised and one of a kind. The offer is full of  crazy colours, forms and shapes, and materials that attract gaze from afar. Of course, there is also something for those who prefer minimalist forms. However, Mana Mana is all about originality and entertainment of bag owners. This is taken care of by the best craftsmen, who each day craft these unique wearable pieces of art.

The production process is divided into several stages. – First, there is the idea for a product, then forming, cutting, embroidering, and finally sewing. Afterwards, the bags are transformed from raw lumps of material into functional objects by adding handles, straps, fasteners, metal length adjusters, and various other elements that make the product ready for use. After that, the graphics division, whose task is to prepare a neat photo presentation of an item. When the “portrait” is ready, the sales division takes over, creating descriptions, taking precise measurements, and including it into the offer. After a short while, of course, clients notice new items and orders are being placed. This is when customer service enters, consulting individual ideas, modifications, colour schemes, etc., and finalises individual orders – says the owner.

Who does Mana Mana sew for? -For true individualists! For those who seek something more, have their taste, and clearly established needs. They also like to experiment with fashion and find it important to combine it with functionality. Take me, for example. I had underestimated the value of all the small compartments and pockets inside the bags before my clients taught me to appreciate them! We then started to introduce many additional improvements, such as a special slot for a thermal mug, key ring inside of the bag, as well as many other compartments. It’s all to meet the needs of our clients. It takes something more to impress and satisfy these women, who don’t want to be perceived as clones of one another. Their personalities won’t let allow them! They can take their time considering a purchase, take even more time to assemble bag elements. This tells something about their character – says Marcelina Rozmus-Prinz.

Materials that are used for production are mainly cotton fabrics and synthetic materials manufactured in Poland, but not only: the offer also includes materials from all around the world, several dozen types and colours. They are always very durable materials, consisting only of thick and solid furniture fabrics.

-They are not cheap, however, which places our bags on the higher price segment. The metal corners are supplied by our long-term intermediary from Gdynia, who can get us virtually anything we ask him to. Natural leather, which we use for bag handles and belts is also from Poland. However, most of our products have no elements of animal origin, so that anyone, even a vegetarian, can find something for themselves – says the owner of Mana Mana.

Mana Mana bags can be ordered via the Internet or at the shop in Gdynia. Each model is described in detail, its measurements taken. The selection varies from ready-made models to tailor-made bags.

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