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Trends are worth approaching with caution, because not always what is fashionable is stylish and suits us. However, it is good to know the trends in order to skillfully pair them with the base of our closet. We took a look at fashion magazines and suggest which trends are worth paying attention to, and recommend Pomeranian places where you can do stylish shopping.

The most fashionable color this year is peach, or more precisely, Peach Fuzz. It is a color radiating warmth and modern elegance. A combination of very subtle peach with a touch of pink. The color looks good not only on clothes, but also in interiors to which we we wish to add elegant warmth.

Denim will also dominate the fashion runways and storefronts. Classic, noble, elegant, timeless. You can dress in it from head to toe, but we recommend paying attention especially to for jackets and flared skirts, as from Alexander McQueen’s shows.

Minimalism is not going out of fashion. And that’s a good thing, because there is a powerful force in simplicity. Minimalism combined with fine jewelry and quality accessories is the best way to elegant styling. Not much is needed to impress. With this trend is well combined another – vintage fashion. Let’s not be afraid to look into grandma’s closet or visit a good second hand. We recommend a Tri-City boutique with high-quality and selected second-hand clothes – La Rondé Brand.

Tri-City and the Pomeranian region – where to shop in style?

If you appreciate classic solutions, good quality materials and timeless cuts, we refer you to our local, Tri-City brand – MLE Collection. There you will find elegant and casual proposals – sweaters, cardigans, pants, shirts and dresses. Remember that classics never go out of fashion. We also really like the Polish brand The Odder Side, whose Gdansk branch is located in Wrzeszcz on Wajdeloty Street.

For stylish handbags, we refer you to the Gdańsk brand with traditions – Batycki. Pay attention to the handbags, signed with an amber eyelet. This is not only a sign of high quality, but also a symbol of of attachment to the place where stylish Batycki brand products are made.

If, on the other hand, you wish to indulge in a shopping frenzy and add to your style trendy elements – we recommend visiting Galeria Klif in Gdynia Orłowo, where you will find boutiques of esteemed designers, including our Gdansk-based brand Taranko, but also other Polish fashion brands: Bizuu, Femestage, La Mania, Jungle Chic concept, Jemiol, Monnari, Makalu, Niumi, Patrizia Aryton, Qπш Robert Kupisz, Solar, Vistula or Tatuum.

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