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Time for a moment of truth – shopping has become an intrinsic part of everyday life. Everyone wants to taste, look well and feel special. Tricity’s shopping malls spoon-feed us in that manner, tempting with new and exclusive brands. It is impossible not to give in! As Tammy Faye Bakker put it: “shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

We can begin our Tricity shopping spree in from the Madison shopping center, located near Gdańsk Główny train station. Many different brand perfumeries are located in the neighborhood, together with numerous clothes shops and groceries in the City Forum. The three-story Galeria Bałtycka in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz boasts of 200 shops, 15 restaurants that encourage lavish shopping. If by any chance your shopping list is still incomplete you can wrap it up quickly in the nearby Manhattan mall. For sales and substantial discounts go to Fashion House Outlet, which is part of Morski Park Handlowy. Regular prices for brand names are lower by up to 70%.

Gdynia is another place worth visiting. At heart of Gdynia shopping is the market hall – several hundred stands will provide you with local, as well as exotic specialties: fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy, mushrooms or flowers. You will find fresh fish straight from night fishing, eggs, fruit and vegetables straight from local farmers. Even in the period of the most severe supply shortages, during the socialist period in Polish history, everything was available here – mainly because of private import of local sailors. Today, merchants have unlimited and broad access to various supply sources but, at the same time, strong competition from large market chains.

Świętojańska street, which is located nearby, is the main and favorite shopping precinct of Gdynia’s citizens that changes together with the city. From a “one-story shopping mall”, for many decades unmatched, it has recently transformed into an extremely interesting “culinary route”. The number of shops has decreased through the years and instead many restaurants, pizzerias, crêperies, cafes, patisseries and pubs have opened. They offer fast and slow food for all palates and wallets. Their stylish, intriguing interiors are an additional incentive to a visit. Side streets also hide different places with tasty, sometimes exotic, menus. All you need to do is go out there and explore.

BATORY Shopping Center is located at 10 Lutego street, its name being a proud tribute to one of the great Polish kings. It catches the eye with its remarkable architectural features. It was built to resemble the hull of a giant docked ship, and it is no coincidence – Batory was also the name of a Polish transatlantic ship that used to travel on the route between Gdynia and New York.

For the last 18 years Orłowo, the most beautiful (and most exclusive) districts of Gdynia, has been home to one of the most elegant shopping malls in Poland – KLIF. It stands out with its choice of luxury brands, both Polish and international and is appreciated for its unique, private surroundings. Its name brings to mind the neighboring sea cliff – part of a natural preserve. Both KLIF and the cliff possess “magical” power to lure Gdynia’s citizens and guests alike.

Gdynia shopping route also includes the newly-founded Riviera shopping center – currently the largest complex of this type in the North of Poland. It is impressive not only because of numerous brand shops, but also modern and bold architecture. Among many interesting shops and stands one in particular catches the eye. The Coffe Factory is a Scandinavian-style face, where industrial austerity is mixed with warm and cozy accents. A perfect place for a traditional fika after an entire day of shopping spree.

While shopping it worth paying attention to Polish exclusive brands, as well as those that make use of the region’s unique natural resources. Particularly interesting is amber jewelry, with surprising modern form and design. For men, we recommend exquisite traditional alcohol. Gdańsk is famous for its herbal Goldwasser and the juniper Machandl.

Regardless of whether we decide upon local or global products, Tricity is every shopper’s paradise.

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