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The Medieval Hanseatic Street exhibition. The branch of the Archaeology Museum the “Blue Lamb” houses a reconstruction of a Hanseatic city street from the late 14th and early 15th centuries with numerous workshops, stands and a bathhouse, all accompanied by characteristic noises and smells. It also features a remarkable reconstruction of a medieval amber workshop, which presents amber crafting tools, the mineral in its raw form and amber waste. The “Blue Lamb” is proud to be a place that is also suited for people with disabilities. Visitors can touch the exhibits, try on various costumes and participate in mini-archaeological digs. Multimedia resources (videos, computer presentations) are also available, while the scents and sounds of a Medieval Hanseatic street allow for a unique, time-travel-like experience. The “Blue Lamb” Granary is CLOSED for renovation.


Chmielna 53, Gdańsk

Phone. + 48 58 320 31 88

e-mail: blekitnybaranek@archeologia.pl


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