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Gift vouchers to restaurants are a great idea for a gift. Especially if you choose a unique place, and there are plenty of such places in Gdańsk. We present restaurants from Gdańsk that offer the possibility to purchase a voucher, both offline and online.

Buying gifts is a challenge, so vouchers can be a great help. You choose the place and the amount, and it’s up to the recipient to decide how to use it. He or she independently decides on the date, menu choice or company. Such an invitation is a good idea, because it gives a lot of freedom of use. We checked which Gdańsk restaurants serving delicious cuisine offer the possibility of buying a voucher.

Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk – Polish cuisine and beer brewed in-house

At Brovarnia you will not only taste good Polish cuisine, but also drink beer brewed on site. These are at least two reasons why you should come here. Another is the location – right in the heart of Gdańsk by the marina. The views from here are unearthly. The most popular gift option at Brovarnia are vouchers for a 3-course dinner with a glass of wine or a pint of beer. Once your payment is credited, you’ll get the voucher online, but you can also request a paper version. If you want an extended version of the gift – such as a tasting menu, a beer seminar, a romantic dinner or an option with an overnight stay – you can discuss everything over the phone.

Brovarnia Gdańsk Szafarnia 9, 80-755 Gdańsk, Polska https://brovarnia.pl/ informacja@brovarnia.pl + 48 58 320 19 70

Zafishowani – fresh fish and seafood

Do you love fresh fish? You’ve come to the right place. Zafishowani serves fish and seafood at its best. There are also grilled meats and flavorful side dishes. This is a paradise for culinary hedonists who love to try new flavors. And in what a location! By the Motława River itself. This is one of the most beautiful places in Gdańsk for a dinner for two. Vouchers for Zafishowani can be ordered by email, phone or in person. They are very aesthetically pleasing – consistent with the whole concept of Zafishowanych, and have a unique code and expiration date. You decide yourself how much you want to purchase a voucher for.

Radisson Blu Gdańsk – a place for a romantic dinner

French cuisine, excellent service and an interior with atmosphere – this is the “Verres en Vers” restaurant in the Radisson Blu hotel in the heart of Gdańsk. Here you can enjoy tagliatelle with boletus and truffle paste, salmon fillet in saffron sauce, beef cheek or salad with beet falafel. There are options for carnivores and vegetarians. In addition, the restaurant overlooks the colorful townhouses of Długa Street. It’s the perfect place to relax, especially since you can stay longer at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Gift vouchers can be purchased through the website.

Fischgarten restaurant – fish, seafood and grilled dishes

As the name suggests, at the Fischgarten restaurant you will eat primarily fish and seafood, but the chef also specializes in grilled dishes, meats, dumplings and pastas. This is a beautiful restaurant with a garden located in the heart of Oliva. There is an intimate atmosphere, it is quiet and peaceful. In such an entourage you will taste, among other things, vegan dumplings with beet, sour soup or broth with kołduny (small dumplings). There are delicious salads and breaded pork on the bone. There is plenty to choose from. Vouchers for any amount are best purchased directly at the restaurant or ordered by email.

Filharmonia Restaurant – open voucher or tasting menu

This restaurant needs no introduction to classical music lovers. The Filharmonia Restaurant is in a class of its own, and of special note – in addition to the good cuisine – are the wall paintings, which are breathtaking. You will enjoy both meat and vegetable dishes here. The menu includes vegan stuffed cabbage, vegetarian “leg of goose” with oyster mushrooms, leg of goose, oven-baked salmon or fried gander. Vouchers can be purchased either for any amount or, for example, for a 7-course tasting menu. The paper version comes packaged in a decorative envelope. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

The Filharmonia Restaurant Ołowianka 1, 80-751 Gdańsk, Polska https://restauracjafilharmonia.pl/ marketing@restauracjafilharmonia.pl + 48 58 323 83 58

Mercato – restaurant of the Hilton Hotel

At Mercato you will find cuisine based on local and seasonal produce. The chef conjures up the kind of dishes you won’t forget and are eager to return for. Here you will enjoy such dishes as: guinea fowl, rabbit, deer or cod. You’ll eat Kashubian babka with mushroom consome and beef tartare. There’s also a fabulous dessert called ” Gdańsk Amber” with cep, white chocolate, mirabelle, buttermilk and goldwasser. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? Top it off with a good wine or a cocktail from a selected bouquet of the finest spirits. If you wish to please your woman, buy her a voucher to Mercato restaurant. Preferably immediately with an overnight stay at the Hilton Hotel with a fabulous view of the Motława River and Wyspa Spichrzów (Granary Island). Vouchers can be purchased for any amount or for a tasting menu.

Hilton Gdańsk Targ Rybny 1, Gdańsk, Polska https://hiltongdansk.pl/ GDNHG_RES@hilton.com +48 58 77 87 100

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