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The restaurant, located at Długie Pobrzeże street in Gdańsk is famous for its high quality fish dishes. But Zafishowani is much more than just fish!

Recently Zafishowani has undergone quite a makover. Already at first glance we can notice the transformation of the interior design, thanks to which the place gained a lighter, more modern look.

An observant visitor will notice at once that the wine bottle display is a new feature of the restaurant room as well as the wine bar, which has now been added to the restaurant section. But more about it later.

The decor at the Zafishowani restaurant in Gdansk, Poland
Wine at a restaurant in Pomorski in Gdansk, Poland
Author: Anna Włodarczyk
Interior of Zafishowani restaurant in Gdansk, Poland

The new chef, Jarosław Kaszuba, serves modern, inspiring cuisine with varied dishes that will certainly be appreciated by all guests. The short, seasonal menu features fish, of course, but not only: there are also some original meat dishes and sides, accompanying the main courses.

The chef explains: „at Zafishowani we do offer a wide selection of fish dishes, but it does not mean that we want to narrow our range to just this one dish type. Therefore in our menu we also have some rare wild game meats – including game birds.”

Pumpkin cream at Zafishowani
Baltic herring served in a restaurant in Gdansk, Poland
Author: Anna Włodarczyk
Zafishowani's classic dish

During our visit we try an amazing creamy pumpkin soup with braised mushrooms, pickled pumpkin and chips. Next the flagship Zafishowani appetizer is served – Baltic herring with turnip-based horseradish puree, dashi, daikon radish and smoked beetroot.

Zielenica trout served on mashed celeriac with carmelized fig plus a plate of forest mushrooms and grilled romaine lettuce with blue cheese is a true feast. Then we try an ossobuco bowl with saffron risotto, mascarpone and generous serving of butter and parmesan cheese – it is an ideal dish to have on a cold November afternoon. Its delightful creaminess is contrasted with refreshing gremolata and is so stimulating for the taste buds that even the gloomiest weather seems to be less depressing.

Trout at Zafishowani restaurant
Mushrooms with blue cheese at the Zafishowani restaurant in Gdańsk
Author: Anna Włodarczyk
Zafishowani in Gdańsk, Pomeranian

The apple pie with home made salted caramel ice-cream has similar uplifting properties.

For each dish that we try the sommelier, Łukasz, serves a perfectly ‘tailored’ glass of wine and shares with us his extensive knowledge, telling us interesting wine- related stories. As mentioned earlier, Zafishowani is also a wine bar wine shop in one. Grzegorz Bednarski, the manager, tells us about this concept himself: “At Zafishowani we offer 150 labels from all around the world. Wines are available in the menu, in the wine bar and the wine shop. You can then taste the wine at the restaurant, talk about it with the sommelier and then buy a bottle in the wine shop to take home. What distinguishes us from similar places is the fact that we offer wines at attractive prices, similar to the ones offered online.”

Sommelier at Zafishowani restaurant
Dessert proposal, apple pie at a restaurant in Gdansk, Poland
Author: Anna Włodarczyk
Wine in a restaurant in Pomerania

For wine lovers a visit at Zafishowani is an absolute must. The multitude of labels available in the wine bar is stunning. There are many Polish labels and the choice is so wide that everyone will find something they like. The sommelier gladly shares his knowledge with the guests and knows a lot of wine-related fun facts.

Proposal of drinks in the restaurant Zafishowani in Gdańsk
Preparing a drink at the bar of Zafishowani restaurant in Pomerania
Author: Anna Włodarczyk
Stronger beverage in Gdansk at Zafishowani restaurant

The liquor menu has some interesting items to try, inspired by the local Gdansk legends. Olga Palamarchuk, the bar manager, is the author of the diversified cocktail menu that will please both the fans of light, fruity flavours and those who prefer stronger, drier notes. There are also some delicious mocktails for the guests opting for alcohol-free drinks.

The new Zafishowani has really a lot to offer. We recommend trying something from the autumn-winter edition of the menu and pair it with some of their excellent wines.

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