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There is no better combination than a delicious, freshly made fish and a sea breeze. That is what Pomorskie region is famous for – there you can find very good restaurants proudly serving the base of regional cuisine: fresh fish. The seaside vibe is included in the package. The place which is worth visiting and which serves authentic, genuine local cuisine is Gryfon restaurant in Jastarnia. This is a family restaurant by the sea, with a chef who is a true master of flavours.

Good quality fish by the sea

Gryfon restaurant in Jastarnia is located just 150 metres away from the beach, which makes it a perfect spot to enjoy the sea view and the local intimate atmosphere. The chef himself even calls the type of cuisine he serves not just ‘seaside’ but strictly ‘Jastarnian’ – that explains how local in his view the food is.

Gryfon restaurant has its own smoke house and offers the tasting menu along with cocktail pairing. This is a true feast for every gourmet. To embark on this culinary journey simply contact the restaurant and book a table.

Chef of the Gryfon Restaurant in Jastarnia
Fish in the Gryfon Restaurant In Jastarnia Pomorskie

Regional cuisine – Gryfon restaurant by the sea

Gryfon restaurant in Jastarnia is a place where fresh fish, such as herring, salmon, flounder, cod and mackerel are prime items on the menu. They are served in various ways, e.g.: grilled or roasted. Without unnecessary additions, only with excellent ingredients. Not much is needed to enhance the natural goodness of the freshly caught sea fish. Just a bit of salt and pepper, aromatic herbs and a pinch of creativity.

Tasting menu full of flavours

The chef and at the same time the manager of the restaurant is Piotr Lisakowski, who has sailed around the world on different ships. He personally takes care of the products’ quality: all that is served in his restaurant comes from reliable, local suppliers. His rich culinary experience is reflected in the menu.

It is especially noticeable in such dishes as: Baltic salmon tartare, cod livers with dill pickles and red onion on rustic wholemeal bread, fish soup, Baltic salmon marinated in cumin, cinnamon and garlic with potatoes and slightly spicy vegetable stew, eel in dill sauce, flounder fillet, cod with mushrooms and dill potatoes or halibut steak in orange sauce and parsley rice.

Dish in Gryfon Restaurant
Gryfon Restaurant In Jastarnia - Example of a dish

The meat dishes include: chicken breast rolls stuffed with mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and basil, striploin or neck-end steak as well as pork tenderloin. Fans of dumplings also have a few options to choose from: meat, potato and white cheese, cabbage with mushrooms or spinach pierogi are among the most popular items. There are several vegetarian dishes, too.

Regional products to take away

All you can order at Gryfon is made on the premises. In the morning the place is full of the aroma of freshly baked bread and buns. Some of the products, like fish-based preserves can be bought to take away, so you can enjoy the taste a bit longer, at your home or wherever you like: Baltic salmon terrine, lemon and dill marinated herring or – this is a seasonal, Christmas-spice variety – herring with cinnamon and clove. There are also sprats in tarragon olive oil and cod livers or cod pâté.

Gryfon in Jastarnia – a seaside kid-friendly restaurant

Gryfon restaurant is a family friendly place. Children are always welcome there and can order something from a dedicated section of the menu, for instance home fries and boneless fish. All you have to do is to ask the chef in advance about the preferred options for kids and enjoy the meal together with all the family. Because good food tastes best in good company.

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