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Sea, holidays and a piece of aromatic fish on the plate. Sounds like a plan for great summer vacation. However, no to buy a… pig in a poke, we decided to check where to go in Pomorskie region to get tasty and fresh fish. 

Pomorskie, naturally, is associated with fish. The richness of the Baltic Sea, the Bay of Gdańsk, as well as an enormous amount of lakes spread across the region is second to none in Poland. Pomorskie is a land of fish! However, not everywhere you will find fish that is worthy of your palate. We checked the places that will spoil your palates to the limit.

Fish in Pomorskie

Sweet salmon with citrus fruit – Piwna47 Food & Wine Bar (Gdańsk,  Piwna 47)

It’s an interesting place for those who love delicious food and historical, picturesque houses of Gdańsk. The restaurant is located in the heart of Gdansk, near the famous Długa street. Its interior to some extent reflects the character of historical Gdańsk. Piwna 47 offers international cuisine, based on fresh, mostly local produce. The menu includes fancifully served meat, sea food, and of course fish, among others.

We strongly recommend fried salmon fillet in citrus fruit sauce, served with sweet potatoes baked in herbs. It’s excellent with caramelised carrot and fig. You will also find young broccoli, fresh truffles, as well as radish, apple, and chives salad. Yummy

Fish in Pomorskie in Piwna 47 in Gdańsk

Cod with asparaguses and wine – 5. piętro restaurant (Gdańsk, Długi Targ 14-16)

As the name suggests, the restaurant is located on the 5th floor of one of the historical buildings in the centre of Gdańsk. It overlooks the old town, which without doubt is one of its greatest assets. The menu changes seasonally, and used products are always fresh.

If delicious fish is what you’re looking for, go for cod loin served with black lentil, green asparaguses, and buttery&wine emulsion.

-We carefully check each piece of meat for fish bones. It is then sprinkled with salt and pepper, sprinkled with lemon juice, and briefly fried. Asparaguses are pan-fried for several minutes in butter. We then add dry white wine, salt, pepper, sugar, and simmer it for a while. Black lentil is cooked al dente, fried in butter, and seasoned with salt, pepper, and parsley – says the head chef of 5. Piętro restaurant.

The restaurant is located in IBB Hotel Długi Targ. If you’re not feeling like eating fish, you can stay for delicious breakfast, or take advantage of the diverse SPA offer.

Fish in Pomorskie in 5 piętro restaurant in Gdańsk

Sturgeon with almond & horseradish paste. Zafishowani – fish restaurant & bar (Gdańsk, Tokarska 6, entrance from Długie Pobrzeże).

The main specialty of Zafishowani is fish. Sometimes it’s Baltic fish, another time – Mediterranean. Fried, stewed, roasted, smoked, or sous vide. The menu is varied, and ingredients always fresh. The fish, marinated in an original marinade, is served with home-made bread and seasonal vegetables. The way the fish is served is as surprising as its flavour.

Summer menu drew our attention with sturgeon from a fish farm in Zielenica. The fish is roasted with almond & horseradish paste, and goes with celery served in four different ways. Vermouth sauce completes this intriguing equation!

Fish in Pomorskie in Zafishowani in Gdańsk

Cod fillet with blood sausage and red currant sauce. Gvara restaurant (Gdańsk, Chlebnicka 48/51).

Gdańsk-based Gvara restaurant is a place that makes you feel at home. It specialises in traditional, Polish cuisine. The fact that it’s surrounded by picturesque historical buildings and offers a stunning view is only one of its advantages.

Gvara is a place that puts people and lively atmosphere first. Its very name suggests it: Gvara is an English version of the Polish word “gwarny” , which means “lively”. In such surroundings, blood sausage served with red currant sauce is an excellent experience.

-Tender cod with blood sausage is a real jewel in our crown. The fish is complemented by kohlrabi with bread crumbs. All this is served with sweet & sour red currant sauce. Locality, seasonality, and an uncanny combination that produces unique flavour are undoubtedly the characteristics of this dish – says the head chef of Gvara restaurant.

Golden zander with spinach-stuffed spotato dumplings – Majolika restaurant (Gdańsk, Jana Uphagena 23).

The restaurant is located in Uphagen’s villa, which gives it elegance, with an interesting back story to it. They serve mainly Polish cuisine based on local products. Among the most interesting dishes you will find: smoked beef steak tartare, snails, guinea fowl & rabbit broth. The restaurant specialises in game meat and, of course, fish.

One of the best choices when it comes to fish is the golden zander & spinach-stuffed potato dumplings with buttery sauce and chives salad.

-We use zander, a freshwater fish that can also be found in the coastal waters of the Baltic Sea. It’s fried in nutty, clarified butter until it goes golden. The fish is served with traditional Kashubian potato dumplings (gólce) that we have enhanced with baby spinach. The flavours are combined by aromatic, buttery sauce with fresh garlic. The fish goes with a refreshing side dish: chives, spring onions and home-made yogurt salad – says the head chef of Majolika restaurant.

Remember to try the insanely delicious dessert that Majolika is famous for: date meringue. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Parchment paper-fried mackerel. Północ-Południe restaurant (Gdynia, Świętojańska 130)

We move from Gdańsk to Gdynia. Świętojańska street is one of the places that is teeming with life regardless of the season and time of day. It’s here, in the heart of Gdynia, that Północ-Południe is located. It combines friendly, familiar atmosphere with original, local cuisine. The menu includes regional dishes, including fish.

We recommend mackerel fried on parchment paper, without any fat. It goes with leek sauce, cauliflower puree, and young carrots. Leek sauce is fried in butter with spring onion and deglazed with wine. Then, 34% cream is added. Cauliflower puree, on the other hand, is flavoured with white chocolate. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Zander in crayfish sauce. Pieterwas Krew i Woda Restaurant (Gdynia, Antoniego Abrahama 41).

Krew i Woda is a place that serves mostly red meat, fish, and sea fruit. The restaurant specializes in Polish beef steaks and fresh Canadian lobsters straight from the tank.

The restaurant is elegant, yet quite casual. It’s perfect for both a romantic dinner, as well as a casual family gathering.

And what about the fish, you’ll ask? Take your pick. If you’re undecided, we’d recommend zander in crayfish sauce with dumplings. All this served with roasted cauliflower and hollandaise sauce. A classic combination, but after all simplicity is the key to success!

Fried cod loin with buttery puree. Czarny Kos restaurant (Borkowo, Letniskowa 10)

Czarny Kos will let you rest from the hustle & bustle of the city, in the beautiful Kaszuby region. Here, a modern twist is applied to traditional Polish cuisine. The restaurant offers oyster mushrooms in white wine, sour rye soup (żurek) with boletus mushrooms and, of course, aromatic and tender cod loin fried in butter, served with buttery potato puree, glazed carrots, blanched broccoli, and cauliflower with horseradish & wine sauce. We more than enjoyed this combination of flavours.

And if, after such a feast, you’d like to stay for breakfast and another dinner, you can rent an apartment and take advantage from the rich SPA & leisure offer.

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