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Fish form the sea

Every day, before dawn, fishermen set out to sea for a catch. Do you dream of fresh fish? We have it every day here – feel invited! Herring, mackerel, zander, salmon, pike, perch, bream, trout, whitefish, sprat, smelt, roach, cod, flounder… Raw, smoked, fried – any way you like it.

You absolutely have to try herrings, which have been served on local tables for centuries. The most highly valued ones are those from May and June catches – fat Matjes herrings. The most popular are pickled herrings with onions; flavoured with cream or oil and served with boiled unpeeled potatoes, they used to be the traditional Friday dinner.

Fish from the lake

If you feel like freshwater fish from Pomorskie lakes and rivers – you can easily have it. These fish have been the staple element in the diet of the inhabitants of Pomorskie for many years. We especially recommend eels, pikes, and whitefish from the Raduńskie Lakes in the Kashubian Lake District. Traditionally smoked in a barrel, ells and whitefish – called peasants’ herrings by fishermen – have a taste that is never forgotten! When it comes to pikes, they are believed to be the most valuable. Served in a number of ways: fried, roasted, jellied or pickled, they still are both everyday and holiday dishes.

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