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Goose breeding begins in spring and ends in autumn. It is not without reason that the best goose meat is considered to be around St. Martin’s day. Restaurants in Pomorskie celebrate this period by serving the best of goose meat as long as the end of November. Due to CoVid-19 restrictions, they will only be serving takeaways for the time being.

The main question is: where to eat? A good start will be the Museum of Pomeranian Folk Culture in Swołowo, where one of the largest regional events celebrating goose meat takes place each year. Unfortunately, due to the CoVid-19 pandemic, this year’s event has been cancelled. However, it is still a great place to visit, if only for the sake of the exhibitions currently on display.

This does not mean, of course, that you will have to leave Pomorskie empty handed. There are several restaurants that offer top-quality goose meat for takeaway.

Goose leg with porcini mushrooms and red wine

Our “goose feast” begins in the Gdańsk-based Filharmonia restaurant, where you can order takeaway with aromatic goose leg with porcini mushrooms and beets marinated in red wine. Everything is served with beef and vegetable stock demi-glace, marjoram olive and pearled barley. Before the meat is served, it is marinated in brine, and then confited. Such a combination is sure to satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

Whole-roasted rosemary goose in Pomorskie

Brovarnia Restaurant in Hotel Gdańsk offers a wide range of takeaway goose dishes. The menu includes, among others: traditional pierogi with Kashubian goose, goose duck, and goose liver. However, the highlight of the menu is the whole-roasted rosemary goose. The dish received the Amber Laurel of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship in the “Best Regional Dish of Pomorskie” category. What makes this goose so special?

“During the breeding period, which is 100% ecological, the goose is fed with rosemary and herbs that later give the meat its distinct flavour. The dish itself is based on an old, traditional, Gdańsk recipe. The 8-hour roasting process ensures the meat is tender. The way it is served is an attraction in itself. The goose is served flaming, in front of the guests, and cut by the head chef. It is excellent for informal gatherings, as well as an official dinner, ” says the head of gastronomy, Jakub Kuszewski.

Goose leg with beets and barley groats

Those of you, who just can’t resist a regional dish with a modern twist should definitely pay a visit to Szafarnia 10 restaurant. There, Rafał Wicki, the head chef, can serve you a wide range of goose-themed dishes. We especially recommend goose leg, goose stock soup, and goose-stuffed pierogi. The head chef’s recommendation is the goose leg. Its marinating process, which takes up to several hours, gives it a unique flavour and tenderness. Prepared in this way, with a side of beet barley groats, sweet & sour fruit, smooth marjoram foam, and thick demi-glace, this goose will be waiting for you in takeaway in Szafarnia 10 for the entire November.

Goose leg stuffed with apple and leek, with a side of sour apples

Our last recommendation is a crème de la crème. A genuine goose feast, brought to you by the owner of Nordowi Mol restaurant, Marek Hewelt. The three-course menu includes: goose liver pate with spicy apple and onion jam, mashed rutabaga (swede) & carrot soup, caramelised carrot with thyme and sour apple puree.

“We have been following the idea that the best goose meat is ready for St. Martin’s Day ever since we opened Nordowi Mól, which was 14 years ago. Each November, we throw a goose feast, which, aside from our regular menu, features all kinds of goose specialties, “ says Marek Hewelt.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to feast on the premises, but we guarantee similar culinary delights with takeaway versions of the dishes.

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