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The history of local brewing and culinary traditions established in 2008, Brovarnia was the first brewpub in northern Poland. Delicious craft beers and classic cuisine inspired by historical recipes, the restaurant became one of the most important spots not only in Gdańsk, but in the entire Pomorskie region.

Brovarnia Gdańsk Szafarnia 9, 80-755 Gdańsk, Polska https://brovarnia.pl/ informacja@brovarnia.pl + 48 58 320 19 70

Nowadays, who can say they don’t know Brovarnia at Hotel Gdańsk? Citizens of Gdańsk are well-acquainted with the impressive building of the 500-year-old granary, “Góra”. Tourists drop by, enchanted by the building’s history -it was was the only one in this location to have survived WWII bombardments. Both can appreciate local dishes and beer brewed on the spot.

– Our greatest pride are beer styles that refer to the brewing tradition of Gdańsk. We take particular pride in last year’s batch of Polish ALE. This beer was brewed using best, Polish hops, a 100-year-old variety cultivated by our hops expert, Paweł Piłat. Not all of them are widely available, and can only by procured by breweries and brewpubs, such as Brovarnia, where history, brewing tradition, and its heritage are priorities. Our guests decide to embark on a journey full of historical flavours, which are difficult to come by in the 21st century world – says Mateusz Kinda from Brovarnia at Hotel Gdańsk.

The head chef at Brovarnia is Jarosław Waloch. Obligatory dishes include duck with traditional, home-made potato dumplings and red cabbage, pierogi (dumplings) with Kashubian goose meat, or pork knuckle roasted in honey, served with apple puree. Various meats and cold cuts are processed and manufactured on the spot, as well as lards, jams, and others. The restaurant is also famous for its home-made bread and soups made from scratch.

The kitchen of the Brovarnia Restaurant

The menu draws inspiration from historical, Gdańsk cuisine, and a reference to the diverse culinary culture of the Hanseatic city.

– Our cuisine is the one we like ourselves. Our rule is: if we enjoy it, then our guests also will. It’s most definitely Polish and regional cuisine. We take pride in our local heritage, and as proof we received the Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodship’s award for the best regional dish: our Pomorskie Rosemary Goose. We do not lower our standards, on the contrary. The fifth star of Hotel Gdańsk has raised the bar for us – says Mateusz Kinda.

It is worth noting that Brovarnia at Hotel Gdańsk continues local brewing tradition, the beginnings of which can be traced to the 10th century. Beer, prepared only with natural ingredients, is brewed here according to the 500-year-old Reinheitsgebot, the German Beery Purity Law.

If you consider its location next to the marina of Gdańsk, the prestigious and picturesque Szafarnia street, as well as the view it provides on the Crane and Długie Pobrzeże (Long Pier), it is hard to imagine a better spot to spend time in Gdańsk than Brovarnia at Hotel Gdańsk.

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