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Slow food is a well-known concept nowadays, for some it has even become a way of life. The idea is to savour food slowly, celebrate every bite and be aware of the origin of the product and its quality. All of this in a beautiful setting.

Sopot is known to be a place which offers very high-quality culinary experiences, but did you know it is famous for its slow food, too? You just have to know where to look. In search of new flavours, save the date for the Slow Fest Sopot. It takes place on the Sopot pier every year. This extraordinary culinary event is an opportunity for the gastronomy industry and regional food producers to meet with food enthusiasts at a long, shared table. To talk, buy and taste various delicacies together. The 11th edition of Slow Fest Sopot will take place on the weekend of  24-25 June 2023. In the meantime, visit one of the following restaurants to celebrate the best flavours and aromas without haste and without limits.

Here are 5 recommended places where you can experience true slow food in Sopot.

Slow food Sopot at Fisherman – finest food & wine

Let yourself get caught in this Sopot fisherman’s net and you won’t regret a single minute spent under his banner. Fisherman serves traditional Polish cuisine, primarily fresh fish, accompanied by products from local suppliers and herbs gathered by the restaurant crew. Here you can enjoy the iconic rainbow trout tartare, creamy fish broth, tagliatelle with wild garlic and parmesan, pike-perch from Mazury Lake District, Atlantic cod or lamb. Sopot slow food at its best! There is also a separate kids’ menu, so you can come here with the whole family.

Słona Woda – slowfood in Sopot near the beach

Słona Woda is a restaurant located slightly off the beaten track, yet right by the beach, so you can relax here away from the hustle and bustle of city life and breathe in the sea breeze. Perfect! This is a place where you can enjoy both a light lunch and a more substantial evening meal. The menu features fresh vegetables, fish and meat, all complemented by a selection of excellent wines and other beverages. We recommend trying the tenderloin tartare with yellow bolete mushrooms and the Baltic herring with roasted potatoes. While waiting for the main course why not try onion-cheese soup or roasted beetroot cream with goat cheese. Pasta and seafood lovers will be delighted with linguine with shrimps or halibut served with buttery risotto. There is also a separate menu for children.

Cafe Xander at Hotel Haffner – culinary experiences in many forms

This elegant place offers good food and drinks, including cocktails and aperitifs based on a selection of premium spirits. Cafe Xander’s cuisine is primarily a tribute to its seaside location and the seasonality dictated by a given time of year. The menu is consistent but at the same time – quite diversified. Some of the dishes you can taste here are: fjord trout tartare, Black Tiger shrimp, coquilles Saint-Jacques (scallops), fish soup with chilli, catfish, sturgeon and grilled octopus. There is also supreme guinea fowl breast, veal shank and beef tenderloin steak. The bartenders will create any cocktail you desire, but their main inspiration is drawn from the prohibition era of New York, bringing back to the menu such classics like the Old Fashioned or Espresso Martini. You can enjoy all this in a very laid-back, cosy and elegant ambience in the interior designed in warm colours.

L’Entre Villes – good food in a historic, 100-year-old Sopot villa

Beautiful interiors, excellent dishes and unforgettable Sunday brunches – that’s how we can summarize the energy flowing from this place. L’Entre Villes is certainly a very tasteful place, decorated with respect for the history of the over 100-year-old building it occupies. One of the restaurant’s biggest assets is the winter garden, known as the conservatory, which fills the interior of L’Entre Villes with plenty of natural sunlight. The menu is full of traditional Polish dishes with elements of modern European cuisine. The items we especially recommend in the menu are: bison tartare, flambéed Argentinian shrimp with octopus, beef tenderloin, venison saddle, white halibut, cream of boletus with chestnut and grilled artichokes. This is what the truest slow food in Sopot tastes like!

Grand Blue Sopot – an elegant restaurant with a view of the sea and the longest pier in Europe

This exceptional restaurant is located right by the sea in one of the most famous buildings in Sopot – the Sofitel Grand Sopot Hotel. The underlying concept in Grand Blue Sopot is healthy food known as “heavenly cuisine,” sourced from the aquatic environment. The menu primarily features fish and seafood. Here you can enjoy such exquisite dishes as: fjord trout with crayfish panna cotta, coquilles Saint-Jacques (scallops),  king prawns, calamari, mussels, octopus and smoked ostrich tartare. Fresh oysters and lobsters are available, as well as soft-shelled crab. There are warm, hearty soups, tuna steak, lamb saddle and matured beef tenderloin. In the menu all the vegan dishes are marked for your convenience, so  the herbivores can enjoy the slow food experience in Sopot without limitations.

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